Scoundrel & Others: Sheffield Plug

We entered The Plug to the usual ambiance for this weeks helping of Soundclash. A mixed bag of people entering the music venue to listen to a mixed bag of music is always a good sign that is going to be another ‘stomper’ of an evening.

Tonight kicked off with Chelsea Alice Scott, a young girl with a guitar. Unfortunately the crowd didn’t seem ready to receive anyone, because the crowd just seemed to ignore her first couple of songs whilst they continued to chatter to each other. It was a shame – because it was obvious she had a good voice, although occasionally Chelsea did come across as a little nervous. However, as Chelsea carried on she won the crowd over and received generous applause for every song thereafter. Her most memorable song for me was the one about detached boys and being in a bad place, I think it was called ‘With me’, the vocal range and lyrics seemed to suggest to me that she is the female equivalent to James Morrison. All in all an enjoyable and relaxing start to the evening.

Next up was Searching for Evidence – who entered the stage to chants of “S4E”, and to be honest I can sum them up in half of a sentence…they were amazing! Searching for Evidence have only been together for about 15 months. Their appearance is a dead give away for their ages too…Lewis Hancock (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) is in fact only 14, but his vocal range is that of a man twice his age. They’ve obviously gained an amazing amount of followers over those 15 months, and at times I struggled to hear the band thanks to the applause and cheering! It’s easy to see why they won The Battle Of The Bands 2009 at the Megacentre. Kierran Bond (14) opened their set with a confident drum beat to ‘Walking Disaster’ (this is one of many songs the band have written themselves), which instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. Its obvious they get their inspiration from our own local talent, but to be honest that’s where the similarities end, because Searching for Evidence are no way copy cats…they have their own unique sound and talent, which will continue to grow as they get older. And I must stress this band is definitely not an “ahhh they are only kids, aren’t they cute?!…” kind of band. These lads work damn hard to be this good; they are not using their age to hook in fans…it’s their sound and talent.

To be honest, it was going to be hard to top that, and yes a lot of the crowd had left the front of the stage when Searching for Evidence had finished. Another Sheffield talent in the guise of Playground Mafia took to the stage, and as they kicked off more and more people came back to the stage to enjoy the bands set. I have seen this band on numerous occasions, and to be honest by the end of their first track – I’ve usually stopped writing my notes and started to dance, or at the very least tap my foot so vigorously it’s still impossible to write!

The last act of the night was Scoundrel who entered the stage to generous applause, another young Sheffield band with a supportive fan base. Originally this band formed in late 2007, but after a couple of line up changes, the band now consists of Daviyd (bass), Megan (vocals), Luke (guitars) and Kaleb (drums) and apparently tonight’s gig was their first one for this particular line up. Their first song ‘I’ll be there’ had a lovely melodic sound, which complimented Megan’s vocals well. It has to be said Megan’s vocal is very spot on and you can see she’s carefully listening to herself and the rest of the band whilst she sings. Their music on the whole had an easier listening feel to it then the previous bands, which gave them their unique sound. The crowd became quite captivated with the set, and the applause became louder as they went on. Their song ‘Come back’ was very catchy, and looking around you could see people joining in with the chorus. This was an excellent set – especially with ‘In Between The Lines’ and their encore of Maroon Fives ‘Sunday Morning’.

It was a young performers night to night, which gives many of us a sense of relief that Sheffield still has a lot more talent to come.

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