Sarah Mac: Everyone Knows EP Launch

Given the humdrum weather at the moment, it seemed only right that there be something to lift the spirits on a Saturday evening. In the newly opened dimly lit Cafe Brezza was an evening that promised pure opulent indulgent acoustic delights.

Relatively new to the scene but making waves, the lovely Emily Jane Stancer embraced the audience with her quirky lyrics and catchy melodies. The 18 year old, appears wiser than her years and has a huge voice that would blow many of her counterparts away. Captivating with her guitar playing she’s something quite wonderful. The standout song of her set, for me, was Minnie Mouse, a very demure and quirky track that would make the hardest of people smile. Stancer was followed by king of quirky, Ian Britt, who managed to fill the room with his lovelorn antics and troublesome tails. He, as always, delivers them in his typical upbeat manner making the spectators feel part of the process. A wink, a smile, a song it’s all part of the Britt magic. Top track of the set for me was the inviting In the Middle. With its haunting tones and breathless desires it’s aimed to get stuck in your head. Third on the line up, The Ratells frontman, Ashley Holland. A stunning voice and a superb set including a cover of Adele’s Someone Like You, a song which  usually makes me feel ill inside but he gave it kudos.

So enters the Sarah Mac, a bundle of delights and enthusiasm on her special evening. Having worked hard on her music over the last few years tonight appears an explosive event. Sitting down at her piano, she simply smiles and sings. Mac has a way of inviting the crowd into her music, her lyrics are strong and heartfelt. There’s ease in relating to the trials of friends, love and losses that accompany life’s journey.  There’s a roughness to her voice as she sings with determination in order to get her point across but it’s beautifully bounded by the backing of her piano. Playing a montage of her songs and focusing on the four included on the EP, the title song is one that really hits home. Everyone Knows simply sent shivers up my spine. It was truly beautiful and something special indeed.

There are many female singer/songwriters around at the moment but there’s no one like Sarah Mac, the girl is in a league of her own.


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