Run Toto Run: Manchester Night & Day

The Wednesday night crowd at Night & Day starts out quiet, some twenty people scatter around the long narrow bar chattering in their groups and supping on their pints.  Then all of a sudden there is a bright surge of light and energy as Run Toto Run leap on to the stage. 

The Mancunian electro-indie-pop duo are bursting with energy, the kind of infectious energy that is perfect for getting the crowd going at the open of the gig. Unfortunately for Run Toto Run there was not enough mass to feed off their hyperactivity and the performance dipped in the middle; this band needs an audience and I have no doubt that this band can ‘hold their own’.

The band could easily be compared to Salford’s own Ting Tings but are unique enough to not be mistaken for them. Run Toto Run offer a retro/futuristic blend of popular music mixing both the sounds and imagery of the 1980’s and the 2010’s with front woman Rachel was sporting wet look leggings and crisp white tunic while Matt was kitted out in a dull knitted sweater and retro bling.  On occasions the vocals were overwhelmed by the synthesised, 80’s arcade game beats which is such a shame as Rachel’s Kate Bush like voice should be celebrated.

All was redeemed, however, in the final track and the band definitely left on a high. ‘This Is A Lull’ is clearly well rehearsed and by far the best performance of the whole night from all three bands playing. Such a shame that just as they get into the swing of things that they should have to leave the stage but Run Toto Run offer a fresh injection into the often samey Manchester music scene and have the potential offer our charts a vibrant new sound. It’s great to seem them on home soil and XFM love them, playlisting the last 3 singles.  Let’s hope they are not Manchester’s best kept secret for much longer.

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