Room 94, New City Kings, Angel At My Table and Symmetry: O2 Academy 2, Sheffield

On 24th February the North London pop-rock band Room 94 touched down in Sheffield to play the O2 Academy 2 with support from Symmetry, Angel At My Table and New City Kings. The room was packed out with teens (and some parents) eagerly awaiting the performance ahead — so eagerly in fact they cheered every time a member of the tech team entered stage!

Symmetry opened the night and for a first act that weren’t widely known by the audience, they got everyone going with a cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. They were followed by Angel At My Table who would definitely find friends in Paramore with front woman Joelle Gelhausen bearing powerful vocals not dissimilar to Hayley Williams. The third support act, New City Kings faced a few technical difficulties during their set, in addition to a vocalist with a sore throat. Despite this, they rose to the challenge and gave an all around strong performance.

After much anticipation from the crowd of excitable teens, Room 94 entered to a room full of deafening screams as the audience’s cameras flew up in the air to get a quick snap of the boys. Kicking off the set with ‘Tonight’ lead vocalist Kieran Lemon looked about as excitable as a child on Christmas morning bouncing around the stage and grinning at the fans.

Next they powered straight into their single ‘Superstar’ — a song that reached No. 15 in the UK chart last year and proved itself to be just as popular, receiving a huge response from fans dancing, singing and jumping along.

Treating their fans to a new song, they continued with ‘One Night’ which was played to a quieter audience but the screams and cheers of approval at the end showed just how much they loved it. After catching his breath, Kieran burst out with ‘We’re very happy to be here tonight, are you guys happy to be here?’ and a chorus of excitable giggles and shouts confirmed that everyone was.

It was clear there were some new fans in the room so Room 94 put their own spin on a song that they thought everyone would know and of course, they weren’t wrong as a slightly more rocky version of pop hit ‘Best Song Ever’ by One Direction spilled out into the room.

‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ had everyone with lights up in the air swaying from side to side as the band brought soft melodious acoustics to the set, giving Room 94 a nice break from the fast paced pop-rock that was presented as they rolled out hit after hit.

The boys then played ‘When I Was A Teenager’ which presented a catchy, upbeat, youthful sound, and overflowed with carefree-teen spirit which pretty much sums them up definitely. With lyrics such as ‘loving, living the dream / when I was a teenager’ and ‘I don’t wanna live like them / no never wanna see 9am’ it was clear these lads don’t take themselves too seriously and were just up there having fun.

The desire to have fun became even more apparent when, much to the amusement of the fans and other band members, guitarist Sean Lemon started doing animal impressions on stage. This was followed by some banter that after establishing there were some pre-teens in the audience, may have been a little inappropriate.

‘I’m gonna miss you Sheffield, you’ve been so much fun!’ said Kieran before they encored with the upbeat warming song ‘Chasing The Summer’ that had the fans livelier than ever before and eliminated any thoughts of the cold weather outside as they announced they would come out to meet the fans afterwards — a great way to finish.

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