Rolled School: Skate Central, Sheffield

After missing a year and having to change its name to Rolled School, the event previously known as Rollerpalooza, hit Skate Central Sheffield with a bang.  All the cool kids were ready roller booted and willing to skate along and enjoy a gig with a difference. As always when it comes to Drowned in Sound and the Harley Live there’s a mixed bag of music tonight there were five acts on the bill. With the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls marshalling and the skate police on duty to watch for those skating in the deep end, heavy petting and rolling under the influence it was a case of ready, skate and go.

Opening up to a fairly sparse crowd were Breathe Out. Newcomers to the scene the London four-piece appeared slightly nervous as they started off, but soon got into their stride on stage. Notably Lemonheads sounding, they made a good first act for newbies in a strange city. Next a bit of eye candy for the boys in the form of Novella. The foursome consist of indiescuz-esque girlies with man drummer. A sterling performance but I can’t help but pitch them as a mix Echobelly, Sleeper and The Bangles. They have an alluring charm, with a feisty stance musically it’s compact and easy on the ear in a filthy way. Following on were Ghosting Season. An illustrious DJ set from the duo, put the wheels in motion of the skate fans as the tempo rose.

Kicking off the first night of their tour were headliners Errors. Usually a four piece they were a man down (reason unknown) but it didn’t stop them from drawing probably the biggest crowd of the night to witness a spectacular performance. Finally 65daysofstatic’s Paul Wolinski, aka Polinski combated a mighty supped  up DJ set to encourage the late night skaters into a frenzy of moves, weaves and since a few had been drinking stumbles and falls.

Weaving in and out of the main stage acts were DJ sets from Death By Shoes, Drowned In Sound, Sky Larkin and Small Ideas which kept things moving seamlessly until the early hours. It’s safe to say that numbers were dwindling slightly towards the end but the hardcore stayed until the very last beat was dropped.

A good night by all was had, just don’t leave it another two years please!


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