Rizzle Kicks, Pepper, Random Impulse: The Plug, Sheffield

An unusual and scary sight awaited me and Nick at the Plug tonight in the form of a long queue, and when I say long, I mean extremely long. An excess of 1,000 people sat jittering, chanting and giggling whilst waiting for the Plug to open its doors. This was a night for Rizzle Kicks, the new ubiquitous band on the block rising to fame and glory. Supporting were two surprisingly brilliant acts, Pepper and Random Impulse.

Inside The Plug we gained insight into the crowd. We saw the usual groups; lads ogling young girls but too shy to do anything, girls dancing at every opportunity available, even when unnecessary, and the few groups who just stood there and absorbed all the chaos. The eager and hormonally unbalanced flooded The Plug’s main room tonight.

The first act to grace the stage was Random Impulse, a grime/ indie act. Usually I don’t expect much of the first act, and tonight was no different, but this made my reaction to this fantastic man much more intense than I could have imagined; he was brilliant. He began his set by telling us how his bassist had gone AWOL and so took up the guitar himself. Personally, with his abilities, I would fire that guitarist and take up his role. The mix of grime and indie works very well, although I noticed that it had a more rocky edge to it than what I had listened to online. His song ‘Overload’ was particularly enjoyable, with tantalising guitar riffs and rapid-fire lyrics trickling off his tongue. Musically they were excellent, very tight despite the sudden disappearance of their guitarist and overall very enthusiastic. Random Impulse himself was humble, something I found very pleasing. You could see he genuinely appreciated us being there.  This man is one to watch if going on his blazing performance which ignited the night.

Next was Pepper, a female vocalist highly associated with Dizzee Rascal. I immediately recognised one thing about her, she has a powerhouse voice. It has a lot of force behind it but seems controlled at the same time. It was a marvel to listen to. The way she reins it over a constantly changing pitch was also masterfully done. The crowd responded to her voice with cheers and lunges towards the stage, almost like they wanted to pull her closer. She was an act that you could just sit back and appreciate, but sadly for me I think following such a sensational performance by Random Impulse left me wanting more. This is me personally however; the mass seemed to enjoy it equally as much.

Finally, it was time for Rizzle Kicks. Some may describe these two lads as energetic, some may call them crazy. Their set was laced with the weirdly wonderful. Covers of the Harry Potter, Addams Family and James Bond theme tunes mixed with alien dances and demonic face-pulling led to an amusing gig. But this does not downplay their talent, from the first song they commanded the stage, confidence high and legs flailing left right and centre. The problem with Jordan and Harley having such exuberant personas is that the band goes unnoticed. They were very talented, but the main attraction in front combined with all the lighting focused on the two young stars meant attention was diverted, which is a shame. The song ‘Miss Cigarette’ has an infectious beat that you can’t help but weave along to and was my highlight of the night; it showed them not just as nutcases, but as disciplined singers also. At one point a live video was taken of the audience; a cue for the desperate to clamber on the nearest pair of shoulders and make sure they would be seen.  The final song of the official set would be fan-favourite ‘Mama Do the Hump’ which was accompanied by a very strange dance. The crowd screamed out their lungs to this fun little number. Obviously this was not the end of the night, an encore was demanded and they exploded back on stage. The final song of the night would be ‘Down with the Trumpets’ which summed up the night; fun, energetic but somehow with a bit of class lurking around. Big things are yet to come of these two fun-loving, adrenaline-pumped stars.


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