Reverend and the Makers: Leadmill, Sheffield

‘Its a miracle I can fucking walk,’ bemoaned the Reverend as he and the rest of the band took to the stage at the Leadmill in Sheffield. The gig had to be re-arranged due to Jon McClure injuring his back, Twitter had not taken kindly to this but those who were there on Friday 25th May at the Leadmill were set to witness a gig like no other.

The sun was setting on a scorching hot day in Sheffield by the time the 900 sell out crowd had entered the icon venue. Fans had been queuing for over an hour to see the homecoming gig of Reverend and the Makers plus support, The Book Club and Strange and Partners.

Strange and Partners opened and blasted through there bluesy 1960s rockabilly inspired set. The band didn’t manage to sound check but you couldn’t tell as they played songs off their EP, titled EP.

Fronted by Joe Carnall, formally of Millburn, The Book Club began their set with The ‘Matchstick Song’ a punchy opening to the energetic set. Carnall switched from guitar to keyboards throughout maintain his reputation as a musician first and star second. Songs ‘What was said on the Landing’ and ‘Cautious cavalier’ had the crowd wanting more.

The crowd were now on a high; expectation was in the air that this could be something more than just a re-arranged gig to promote the forth-coming album @Reverend_Makers. Weather beaten by the sun, the crowd made the most of the drinks that were on offer began to chant, first ‘Yorkshire’ then ‘Sheffield’ stopped only by the band arriving on stage.

It was a low key walk on with much of the adulation saved for the Reverend himself who lead the cries ‘Sheffield makes some fucking noise,’ Sheffield duly did as the Makers launched into ‘Open your window’. It is at this point we have to remember the Makers are essentially an indie band, but never has a sound system reverberated to the genre as it did to ‘Baseline’ the first song off the new album.

‘Warts n all’ about the lives people lead on Facebook typifies the more electronic/reggae sound of the third album. The crowd were now at frenzy by the time the ‘State of things’ and ‘Heavyweight champion of the world’ were played. The Reverend was now hurling water into the crowd and the crowd hurled it back.

The new single ‘The Wrestler’ was sang back, word perfect, much to the delight of the Makers. The performance closed on the ‘Silence is talking’ and the Reverend informed that this had been the most enjoyable Makers gig ever.

This I can concur with. The atmosphere was electric and it was a night Sheffield had it. Knebworth and the support act for the Red Hot chilli Peppers beckon for the band but that Friday night on a hot spring day in Sheffield will be remembered for a long time by the #revarmy.

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