Resistanz Festival: Corporation, Sheffield

It’s not every day you walk into a club at 4pm and hear banging beats whilst being surrounded by a multitude of brightly coloured cyber goths and rivet heads, but this is Resistanz.  Easter weekend saw Sheffield blasted with neon, latex and a pseudo military stance, as Corporation opened its doors for the international industrial music festival, Resistanz. Now in its second year, the two day sold out event attracted acts from all over the world and an enthusiastic crowd.

There was no time to stand and stare at the surroundings as once doors were open, the festival was on the off.  The first performance of the weekend came from Memmaker, looking a bit like Moby clones dressed in shirt and ties, this Danish trio of techno junkies kicked things off with a frenzied whirl of beats and energies. Following on were a range of acts, including the UK’s Be My Enemy, Austria’s uniform wearing Nachtmahr and Dutch headliners Grendel,  who brought about a Rick Astley moment with a brief yet surreal cover of Never Gonna Give You Up. After the bands finished playing, the music didn’t stop instead it was driven by an assorted DJs from various groups, eminent in the industrial scene, until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Sunday started as more of a sombre affair, I’m guessing there may have been one or two sore heads amongst the masses, but then that’s what expected of a Sunday. There was no time to mope around though, as once again a packed line up of international artists were ready to entertain with a mixed bag of beats, reverbs and mind blowing tunes. Sunday’s line up included Canadians Detroit Diesel, FGFC820 from the USA, the UK’s Ultraviolence, Austrian’s Mind.In.A.Box and lastly Icon of Coil from Norway.

Alongside the music, tucked in the enclosed courtyard outside and extended into an unused space saw treats galore of alternative variety. From all that is latex for the discerning male/female who are looking for a new outfit, to huge hair pieces, temporary tattoos and a range of food delights, Corporation states on its website ‘you’ll never leave’ and you didn’t really have to!

When it comes to the underground scene most of us look aghast at in horror, industrial music isn’t all that different to the main stream if you delve a little more bit more than eye level. We learnt several things over the weekend spent at Resistanz:

  1. Industrial music is loud, so loud it could make your ears bleed.
  2. If sushi isn’t available then Mexican food and baked potatoes go down a treat.
  3. Goths love dancing and glowsticks.
  4. The people into the industrial scene are amazingly fun and not miserable at all.
  5. Angle grinders don’t make things burst into flames.
  6. Nipple tassels are also known as pasties.
  7. Resistanz Festival has put its mark on the map for both Corporation and Sheffield

Corporation and the team behind Resistanz pulled it out of the bag for the second year running. If you’re looking for a festival that’s something a little bit different then we’d say check it out next year.



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