Rent Boys: Brudenell Social Club

The Rent Boys, a 5 piece band from Leeds, have a quite unique style on stage, wearing Halloween-like make-up and intriguing costume, and embellishing their stage with toys and other stuff. Their theme for the night, proudly supporting Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds at Brudenell Social Club, seemed like Ghost House party as they covered the heavily smoke-filled stage with white drapes in the dimly lit space: white shirts everywhere, white briefs everywhere and many colourful socks on stage.

The room was transformed into an eerie and haunted environment with all those extraordinary ingredients, a perfect setting for Rent Boys. The gig kicked off with a spiky guitar sound of ‘Gang Love’. Young peeps could be seen in the audience expectantly anticipating a crazy moment to be created by the band. Singer, Andrew Swain, wearing a white bathrobe with a baby-powdered face, acted like a French madame. What an amazingly weird spectacle it was.

Along with the unique performance on stage, their music brought us a fuzzy, frenzied noise that stokes you up. They played six songs all together at the night and when an intro of ‘Live That Way’ struck the audience’s eardrums, exultant shouts echoed around the venue. The song had been awaited, it seemed.

The voice, the tone, the move, and the sound, all those fragments presented during the song are reminiscent of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, a brand of punk music that makes you feel a danger as well as thrill. You cannot leave behind the sound made by Rent Boys, particularly once you have heard the tunes accompanied by such a memorable performance. Step into their world of silly craziness, then those dirty rent boys will crack your head open with the grave, grimy, grunge-charged noise.

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