[Re]Mixed in Sheffield Launch Party: Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Tonight is the launch of this year’s [Re]Mixed in Sheffield album entitled Crossing The Line, which boasts 39 pieces of cover art as well as, 39 tracks featuring an array of must-hear artists. The 2012 album promises to be a special one as it’s Olympic themed and even more special is the fact you can enjoy this little gem for free! To celebrate, studio space, Yellow Arch, have thrown open three of it’s rooms. Four, if you include the busy smoker’s courtyard. Room one is stuffed full of artists featured on the album along with the finest DJs Sheffield has to offer, the second is full of House and Techno DJs and the third is the sweaty as hell, Bass room, brought to you by LSS Sound System.

Remixed in Sheffield 25 | [Re]Mixed in Sheffield Launch Party: Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

When I arrive, most people are either outside or dancing in the Bass room, the other two rooms are practically empty but it’s still early. I stand in the heaving sauna that is Room three, leaning against the dark walls with the bass filling my chest. Once we hit midnight, all the rooms and narrow halls are filling up. Every now and then you’ll see band members relaxing before their set, or the smiley break dancer (who you will recognise if you spend enough time at The Harley) spray painting a canvas outside, self absorbed amongst the chatter of smokers and the queue for the port-a-loos.

Remixed in Sheffield 34 | [Re]Mixed in Sheffield Launch Party: Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

Back upstairs in Room 1, The Banditos finish their set early, no thanks to a broken guitar string. They have a very raw punk sound that under closer inspection, has other influences. This can be seen in a song which sounds like a speeded up version of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Blues’.  Next, is the progressive sound of Bloodsport. The music builds and builds until I am immersed in a flurry of guitars with sparse vocals which are later replaced with interesting cyber screams.

Remixed in Sheffield 39 | [Re]Mixed in Sheffield Launch Party: Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

The hall is thick with people now. There is a room next to the bar room that is completely dark apart from a coloured pattern of lights projected on the wall. Those sat on comfy sofas are inhaling giant balloons of nitrous oxide. I go back to the Bass room at the end of the hall and dance to an awesome John Legend version of ‘Rolling In The Deep’ before returning to Room one, to find that the Asbo Agogo DJs have taken over. The colourful duo are singing along to an eighties power ballad in an appropriate fist clenching stance, before playing a selection of music from Skee Lo’s nineties classic, ‘I Wish’ to a fifties tune you can twist to. The girls are met with boos from the crowd when they play Liberty X’s ‘Just a Little Bit’. Though this is a terrible song, I admire the Asbo’s shamelessly eclectic choice.

Remixed in Sheffield 50 | [Re]Mixed in Sheffield Launch Party: Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

The next band is Mad Colours who strike me as Vampire Weekend meets Jamie T vocals. They are followed by Blue Lip Feel, who are absorbing to watch with their ability to create a psychedelic sound with reverb vocals and their tight performance. Although tired, I hand around to watch ObLONG. There are a couple of new songs amongst old favourites, ‘The Disappointment’ and the energetic ‘Tinkerboo’. By the time ObLONG finish, it’s 4am. The DJs play on, and the bar is about to run dry. A great night showcasing Sheffield’s talent.


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