Move In Circles: 360 Club, Leeds

360 Club held their emerging acts showcase at The Library in Leeds, providing a real mixed bag of styles with four very different bands taking to the stage. Some of these artists have the potential to go on to receive greater notoriety and I expect to see much more of them.

The night began with a noisy two-piece called PUSH; both members looked very young and unassuming until they began playing. Loud, powerful, and very ballsy they hammered their instruments and pushed themselves to the edge. The drummer was extremely talented and hit the skins frantically with real panache. The lead singer and guitarist was equally as gifted, knocking out hard and fast riffs while pushing his voice to the point of breaking. The subtle nuances of their creativity were drowned out by the sheer noise they created, a more controlled performance would have been more impressive, but that is maybe not what they were going for.

Next up was Summer Riots, they looked and sounded like a much more experienced outfit. Clearly influenced by some early 2000’s bands their style seemed to be placed half way between Pennywise and NOFX, making their lyric “no school like the old school” very fitting. The majority of their set was shouty and unimpressive, but the latter end was a vast improvement. Sections of their latest single were enjoyable and the set developed into interesting areas as it went on. One down-tempo intro showed that the lead singer had many good vocal qualities, it just feels like they are going to waste when the vocals are largely shouted.

The third act was Move In Circles, whose set was marking the release of their first single “Cloud Strolling”. Move In Circles were a stark contrast to the raw energy of the previous two, much more controlled and with variety in the structure. Whilst they definitely didn’t lack power and energy there was more focus on creating atmospheric and emotive pieces. Driven by moody bass and frantic drumming, building throughout each track, Move In Circles have the potential to go on to bigger things. The star of their performance was vocalist Ellie Jones, her impressive vocal range and on-stage presence proved to be mesmeric. She incorporates performance art into her persona, portraying the tone and emotions of the lyrics with her physical movements. Highlights from the set included the single “Cloud Strolling”, the popiest of their repertoire but it still possessed a hard edge, and the atmospheric start through to the explosive conclusion of “Nick Drake”, vaguely reminiscent of Vuvuvultures.

Finally it was the turn of The Magic Eye Pictures to finish things off with aplomb. Their opening number started delicately before a short burst of angst which was left to ring out. The Magic Eye Pictures are hard to pin down musically, they encompass a wide variety of styles and influences. This was evidenced in their second track which began in a California surf manner then grew into upbeat indie before a big finish with noisy thrashing guitars. This very talented and creative troop felt worthy of a much bigger venue and audience as they enjoyed experimenting with structure. They showed some real moments of individual skill, as well as collective brilliance, there were parts of the lead singers vocals which were tender and genuinely touching. They were incredibly tight for the entirety of the set, even during the lightning fast gear changes. Just when their credibility couldn’t get much higher they hammered out a The Replacements cover.

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