Puressence: Manchester Apollo

Arriving late, we almost missed Bluebird Clark Kid and I’m really glad we didn’t. They really seem to be an up and coming band to look out for, as is Glass the main supporting band for Puressence. For me they seemed to start off a little slow and transparent, maybe they had to, however after the first two songs or so they really do have some growing beats and lyrics. With the coolest drummer I’ve seem for a while! The strings really drove the crowd to tapping their feet. And ended thanking Puressence and leaving the crowd psyched and ready for whom they really came to see.

Now I’m 23, and Puressence are not really in my generation of music really, however now I find they are. I was left feeling an attachment to the band. Leaving me with no choice but to buy their CD at the end of the show! Looking into them a little more it seems a shame to class them under words like ‘underdogs’ or ‘survivors’, but they really do seem to be and these words are often not too far behind.

But, as the saying goes, you make your own luck, and Puressence clearly aren’t the self-pitying type. They seem to have earned their tough reputation for their fierce self-belief and refusal to bow to the music industry’s fickle demands. The band’s albums to date have epitomised their tough resolve – they write songs which are big on heart, big on soul, and thanks to singer James Mudriczki, their songs contain some of the most hair-raisingly big vocals in British rock music. And with it being sixteen years since they formed, Puressence continue to make their own luck. Call them what you like – these Manchester music wonders won’t be going away for a long time yet.

As for the actual performance, they really did grow on me. From the weird choices of video’s playing on the stage behind them, displaying scenes from the film 300, and Jason and the Argonauts to an eagle just hovering. The random videos backed with an awesome lighting scene, and backing support of an according and violin, and bass really added to the homely feel they gave their hometown. Creating an breath-taking vibe.

The majority of their tunes made me feel on intro very mellow, almost waiting then creating as sense of heightening and then a kick in with a huge power rush. In hands, which they played in the middle of their act, definitely one to watch out for! Apparently they have a huge scene in Greece, which made sense to me afterwards looking at the Winston Churchill quotes displayed on the projectors behind the stage:

“Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.”

With a raw stop and start between songs, there was plenty of time for the crowd to cheer between … Just jeering James on even more creating more of a build up throughout the whole performance. After what felt like a long time … and people wondering if they were really going back onto the stage for an encore, James walked on only to finish the night on Oracle, and This feeling and finished the night with Sharpen up, send crowds home buzzing.

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