Playground Mafia: Sheffield Academy

We uncharacteristically arrived late for the beginning of the Soundclash, so that meant we missed about half of the Sparkle Motion set; which was a shame – because as we headed upstairs at the O2, their musical talent was quite apparent. Especially with their intricate guitar work, it’s pretty obvious their inspiration/influences has come from the likes of Jimi Hendrix – which judging by their age, they must have discovered whilst looking through and listening to their parents record collection!

Next up was Supernova Bandits – whom we have seen before and enjoyed on a couple of occasions. They kicked off with ‘Look in the Eyes’ which gave a spiralling 60’s sound and was received enthusiastically from the young followers. Their set showed some musical diversity especially with their second track which was played in a semi-Reggae style with simple but interesting lyrics (not sure of the title – but I do know the song was about having no money). The band bravely played a new song called ‘Bite the Bullet’ which they admitted they had only played once before…they had no need to worry…it sounded great and again the song mustered up plenty of applause and support from the crowd. It was obvious their set finished on a high with ‘Oh No Not Again’, because as you looked around the venue and saw the crowd singing along to the lyrics, the pleasure was evident on everyone’s faces. I think they could have stayed on stage a lot longer. Another good set!

The Legion – who seem to becoming a permanent fixture with Soundclash, took to the stage with their ever growing popularity. The crowd had became so unruly during The Legion set; security had to take to the stage to warn the offending fans to calm it down otherwise the evening’s entertainment would come to an abrupt end. The crowd did calm down…just a little…so the music continued. The Legion are getting better and better each time they play, which obviously is down to their determination and hard work. Keep it up lads!

Playground Mafia were the well deserved headliners to finish this weekends Soundclash. They kicked off by showing off their recent sponsorship deal with Bench (Matt wore a bench t-shirt and then held up a sign with the word Bench written in very large letters… you couldn’t really miss it!) As usual when the music begins, the crowd stop talking and start dancing…which so happens to be the name to one of their classic tracks! To be honest yet again…I couldn’t really write any notes about their set, because I was too busy dancing too! The thumping bass lines were the winning formula yet again, as everyone in the crowd let themselves loose to the elevating beat. With the likes of Playground Mafia on your set list, you’re going to be guaranteed a good nights entertainment.

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