Pixel Fix and Abe: The Riverside, Sheffield

Pixel Fix. With the recent release of their latest EP ‘Fall’ receiving such a great response in the industry, there’s a 99.9% chance this is a name you’ve heard before and if you haven’t, you must be living under a rock. But that’s okay, as on 27th February the Oxford four-piece, composed of guitarist and vocalist Marcus Yates, guitarist Clem Cherry, drummer Rob Armitage and bassist Jarred Phillips came to Sheffield for a free (that’s right, free) headline date at The Riverside.

Starting the night off were local Sheffield trio, Abe. They warmed up the crowd with a performance full of looping sample-like sounds, repetitious acoustics and intertwining vocals. There were many elements to this trio’s music and you could visibly see that on stage they were absorbed in their performance and their equipment. Abe had definitely captured the eyes of the audience.

Shortly after and all set up, Pixel Fix began their set. They kicked off with a literal bang as drummer Rob hit, ready to go into a song so new it doesn’t have a title yet. An electronic-infused indie rhythm spilled out into the bar where a small but appreciative crowd stood, waiting to find out what these boys are all about.

After the untitled track which set the bar at a high standard, they went straight into the upbeat ‘Rome’ from the self titled EP, Pixel Fix, followed by the title track of their latest EP release ‘Fall’. ‘Fall’ featured hazy electronics joined by spiralling guitar riffs and dreamy vocals. Lyrics such as ‘too far to fall / I’m falling, I’m falling’ had you caught up in the hazy atmosphere growing in The Riverside and as the song progressed, you really began to appreciate the intricate blend of electronic and guitar sounds that this innovative band present.

Yates, Cherry, Phillips and Armitage had control of a number of musical instruments and equipment each throughout the set, showing that they are more than talented not just in writing music, but also performing as they powered on with ‘Ember’. ‘Ember’ featured a trance like rhythm with vocals of different pitches layered up creating an echoing effect which added all the more to the now glowing dreamy atmosphere within the room. The location of this gig was perfect with the River Don just outside carrying the waving ambience outside for miles.

Yates addressed the crowd with a ‘thank you so much for sticking around and checking us out, we’ve been Pixel Fix, have a good evening’ before they closed with the sweeping lyrics and echoing electronic beats of ’Rosa’.

The set was a quick and short one of only 7 songs but this definitely wasn’t a negative thing. The audience quietly observed the band as opposed to dancing and singling along, most likely because Pixel Fix are new and upcoming, so this short set was just long enough to get you fully submerged and lost in the ethereal, atmospheric sound of Pixel Fix before stealing it all away, leaving you standing and desperate for more.

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