Pistola Kicks Single Launch: Soundclash @ Plug, Sheffield

Over the last few years there’ve been changes a plenty for Pistola Kicks. Here’s a quick history lesson, they went from five to four and now three. After a year or so fusing the streams it seems there’s no stopping Joe Moran, Jamie Hopkins and Ed Evans in bringing quality music to the masses.

Tonight, was the night for Pistola Kicks to showcase their hard work after spending the majority of the summer locked away in the studio working on new material, and more importantly it was the night to celebrate their newly released double A side single: Proceed Advance/Lazy Baby Hurricane.

Entering the stage to the Pulp Fiction theme, Miserlou, Pistola Kicks started lulling us to a hypnotic Button Like No Other. Joe Moran’s vocals tempt you into a false sense of security as the song then changes in direction. Bounding beats, emphatic bass and screeching guitars were the order of the night. Song after song there was pure energy driven from the stage across the crowded room.

From 3:15 and it’s hey hey hey hey’s to the new singles Proceed Advance and Lazy Baby Hurricane there’s engagement with the masses. The band, as always, simply professional in their stage presence, show that there’s fun to be had. They may have an air of arrogance about them, it has been said before, but they are able to muster up a frenzy of tightness in producing a darn good show both visually and musically.

As the evening came to a close there was something missing. The crowd seem to want something more and of course Pistola Kicks knew this. Bounding back with their renowned, you could say theme tune, encore, Friday Night, the crowd were bouncing along with the band. I hope the band noticed a certain ‘dead doll’ like trio of girls at the front as they seemed to sum up the evening: hard working, hard playing and simply loving it.

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