Pete and the Pirates: Leadmill, Sheffield

After taking a complicated detour across Scotland and the Midlands, Pete and the Pirates have finally arrived in Sheffield with their main support, Glass. The adrenalin-pumped crowd are filling up the Leadmill and gathering around in awe of the stage; Glass, for whom this is their sixth gig, are setting up their guitars and synthesisers ready to kick it up for the headliners.

Focusing more on creating euphoria than moving feet, Glass are surrounding the room with a warm and humble sound – similar to the mellow moments of Deerhunter. Their repetitive melodies are basic but captivating, hypnotising ears and feet to lightly sway. A surprising opening choice for Pete and the Pirates with the majority of their set rolling at a slow tempo; their only upbeat song has appeared mid-set when their multi-instrumentalist synth player shows off her skills singing backing vocals and the guitar.

With the chilled, cathartic sounds of Glass a pleasant memory, Pete and the Pirates take the stage shouting “Good evening Sheffield”; welcomed by a loud cheer and a sea of hand clapping. Raising spirits with their opening number, the indie quintet lightly throw themselves about with their ‘loose-yourself’ music. Their supporters, who are dancing and singing along in Pete and the Pirates specialist attire, love this show tonight.

After clearing up that his name is Thomas and not Pete, the frontman and his exhilarating band are rounding up the show with a few more exhilarating tunes. Their well-constructed exit has left the audience heavily satisfied and looking forward to their return trip from Reading, which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later.