Perfume Genius and Cate Le Bon: The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

Set in the leafy suburbs of Sheffield is the Lantern Theatre; a quaint venue you wouldn’t even know was there unless you were going there for a specific reason. With only 84 seats in the theatre, a sell out was the only option for an evening with Cate Le Bon and Perfume Genius on the opening night of his UK tour.

Having recently played The Harley, Cate Le Bon appeared accompanied with only her guitar. Plunged into darkness, we could see her but she couldn’t see us. Slightly nervous and reserved in approach, she began, weaving in and out of tracks from her recently released CYRK album. An enchanting performance from Miss Le Bon provided a multitude of highlights including Julia, the two parted Ploughing Out as well as her collaboration with Gruff Rhys for Record Store Day, Time Could Change Your Mind.

There’s something rather breathtaking about Perfume Genius. As he took to the stage with buoyancy he too joked about the darkness which surrounded him and his two piece band. As he started his performance the audience were drawn in to a moving and magical experience. With songs such as Dirge and the Normal Song we witnessed a genius, whose charisma and charm unfolds in his music and within his lyrics. Heartstrings were tugged with pure emotion and with the confines of the intimate environment it was breathtaking.

The Lantern Theatre provided a wonderful setting for such a rare and engaging evening with two artists that simply stunned the audience. It was a night to remember and to appreciate music.

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