Paperdots: The Bowery Sheffield

The Paperdots may be a young band, but they already have a robust local following. Clambering through the crowd to the tiny stage the backslapping and cheering starts before they’ve even hit a note. Songs like ‘The Puppeteer’ hide emotional maturity beneath the raw exterior. Mixing a pronounced Sheffield brogue with a love of traditional song-writing they lean more towards the Richard Hawley end of the spectrum than Arctic Monkeys.

‘Queen of the Hearts’ is a sweet love song effortless in it’s simplicity and a real crowd favourite. Joining in on the torch song chorus ‘reminds me of now, reminds me of you’, all that’s missing are lighters held aloft.

Despite being the most radio friendly song in the set ‘Picked Bones’ seems to fall just short of the mark as it peters out in a slightly lacklustre fashion.

Following a UK tour with Saw Doctors, Paperdots have upped their game and shifted their attentions to a wider audience.

With it’s stomping drums and plucked guitars ‘Walk the Walk’ is the perfect slice of upbeat indie. Designed for euphoric sing-alongs, the crowds and the accompanying mob of fans are only set to get bigger.

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