Nero: Warehouse Project, Manchester

Nero headlining with a live set, Naughty by Nature and David Rodigan. Excited doesn’t really cover it. WHP you cheeky devil, this is has all the hallmarks of a great night.

I got in a little late, but luckily didn’t miss the start of Naughty By Natures ‘the original Jersey fist pump music’ set. They got the crowds collective booty shaking, playing a nice medley of hip-hop classics as well as there own. Jump Around getting the crowd, well, to jump around. Are we Old Skool they asked? After that set. Hell yeah we are.

Next up was for me, the surprise hit of the evening. David Rodigan. If you don’t know this name, do yourself a favour and find a live video and just be in awe of the man. Reggae from start to finish and so much energy from the guy, that I don’t think he is actually a human. He is a robot built with the sole purpose of spreading the good vibes of reggae to the masses. Well David, I think it’s safe to say, mission accomplished.

I am ashamed to admit that the next acts just sort of passed me by. I was to busy recovering from the shock that was David Rodigan live. The music was nice and danceable and the crowd seemed to love it. I was just trying to rebuild my brain.

Brain rebuilt. Next up, Nero. The curtain finally removed to reveal a giant stage built with old TVs and speakers. The TVs playing host to a myriad of images. As well as the bands name. In case we forgot why we were here. Two figures atop this stage, surveying the masses before them.

Track opener Doomsday begun to fill the room, as did a Sea of bodies all just waiting for that first real hit of bass. When it hit, it was like the whole room got exactly what they had been waiting for all night. From that point on, it was obvious that the crowd were Nero’s for the taking. The concept album worked fantastically live, and ‘third member’ Alana Watsons vocals were spot on all night.

Somehow Nero manages to blend Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Pop and Trance together and make it work. Somehow, WHP brought together old skool Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance and however the hell you categorize Nero and made it a fantastic night to remember.

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