Mystery Jets: The Leadmill, Sheffield

Since the release of their first album, Eel Pie in 2004, The Mystery Jets have jostled their way through three albums, churning out one quirky psych-pop hit after another. And with the release of their third album, ‘Serotonin’ only months ago, it seemed perhaps their allure was dimming. But hell no – a bulging Leadmill only went to prove why we love this (now) quartet so.

From the outset this gig was electric. The band opened with track one off new album, ‘Alice Springs’, this warbling tidal wave of a tune ushered the night into instant brilliance and the audience’s unfaltering affection only went to prove this.

‘Serotonin’ melds the catchiness of old with a new, more refined quality. This, interspersed with classics such as: ‘Two doors down’, ‘Half in love with Elizabeth’ and ‘Hideaway’ created a set which was near impossible to dislike. And though the night began in a usual fashion, by the end it felt more like a club night with pulsing strobe lights, throbbing base and gyrating audience..

They cleverly arranged their set to accommodate those who didn’t know their most recent material by always following old with new. It didn’t seem to matter though. The enthusiasm which is usually only felt by the hard-core fans in front, was felt by everyone – even the security man who I saw having a little boogie in the corner.

The entire set was bursting with life, and the song to epitomise this was newbie, ‘Show me the light’ – the most progressive and clubby of their new tracks. Leadmill turned into a semi-underage rave with everyone going absolutely berserk..

As if they weren’t adored enough by the crowd, they finished the first part of their set by handing Tequila shots to the audience. After a brief respite for the band and a round of ‘Sheffield’ chants, the boys were back on stage to finish the night with free download ‘Flash a hungry Smile’ and beautiful anthem ‘Flakes’ which left everyone with their hands held high declaring their undying affection for the band..

I expected nothing but greatness from The Mystery Jets, and boy did they deliver. For those who like me had fears they were disappearing from the scene, fear not, they are very much here to stay and with such stellar live performances, they will be here for a while.

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