Mystery Jets and Just Handshakes (We’re British): Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Mystery Jets opened up their tour in Leeds Brudenell Social Club, to an army full of fans who fought their way to the front, ready to dance their socks off.  The band started up with one of their more substantial songs, “someone purer”, which excited the audience.  There were no teething issues and the fans were instantly right at the boys feet.

Apart from the hypnotic need to dance to their mellow indie pop, there was a warm feeling that followed you around, mainly because of the bond between fan and band.  They had no hesitation in chatting to the crowd in between songs, and William Rees entered into several conversations with fans enquiring about absent at the time member ( and now permanently) Kai Fish and his new baby.  The fans had utter respect for the band and even welcomed new bass player Peter Cochrane like an old friend.  Blaine and William claimed that new song ‘You Had Me at Hello’ was about Peter’s experience in a brothel, which won the audience over instantly.

The Mystery Jets have come a long way since Blaine’s dad being in the band, was what they were infamous for.  The new tracks that they played, showed a great deal of progression, there was still hints of their past, but they seemed to have really found their sound and were oozing in confidence.  They had slipped away from The Cure-a-like songs such as the catchy “Two Doors Down” and made their music that bit bolder.

The songs were perfect for the weather, and the sound of a playful whistle in, “Flash a Hungry Smile”, was an open invitation to enjoy the sunshine in a beer garden.  Their set was so playful and songs were so jolly that the singles didn’t get pride of place, there was no need to cherry pick the performance, because it was made to be enjoyed in full.

Finishing with the encore of thesound of a doomed relationship, “Half in Love with Elizabeth”,  filled the room with copy cat “do do d-d do do d-d’s” and shuffling feet before the plea of “Behind the Bunhouse”.

There may have been a question as to what the Mystery Jet’s future held following the announcement of Kai’s departure, but if this performance was anything to go on, then they will be just fine!

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