Mi Mye: The Red Shed, Wakefield

A balmy night at the Red Shed saw the music lovers of Wakefield gather to watch the live launch of Mi Mye’s new Album “The Sympathy Sigh”. It is, by any measure, the best I have heard this year. As with any Mi Mye gig there was the sense that something beautiful was about to happen. And of course it did.

First up were Drahla. This was my first sighting of the Wakefield 3-piece (Rob, Lu and Mikey) and hell do they have some choons! It is not usual for a fledgling band to have such a fine set of well crafted, raucous songs but given the song writing talents of the individuals it should come as no surprise. They were tight, brash and just joyous.

Second on the bill were To the Cosmos. An electronic three-piece with ace boy/girl vocals and songs that more than carry their own weight. Despite having a beats machine that would put CERN to shame they were melodic, up-beat and have a real heart. As a band they were new to me but I will definitely check them out the next time they play locally. With the heady blend of Human League and LCD Sound system “Moon and Stars” was I blissful piece of soulful electronica.

And so to the main course. Jamie, Morgan, Rob, Emily and Daniel (to use their Sunday names) switched on; plugged in; tuned up and delivered the beautiful gig we were all anticipating. Easing us in with a short instrumental from the album before taking us on an emotional ride so affecting that the audience had exactly the same amount of drink in their glasses at the end of the gig as they did at the start. Jamie introduced each song with a little of its history. Not in a mawkish way. That is not Mi Mye’s style. He is an affable host who happily leads us through the tales of pain, beauty, love, disappointment and anger and then lets the song do the real work.

In a show without a weak spot it would be unfair to pick out highlights. But here they are anyway. “I think everything’s going to be fine” regretful and downbeat vocals mixed with a “lift your heart up” chorus that simply gives you hope. “Methadone Church” was mournful and elegant with a lyrical hammer blow that you didn’t see coming. “Sometimes life is cool” a track from their last album of the same name and one of my favourite songs of all time. At the risk of making this sound like a fan letter I have to say that Mi Mye pack an emotional punch that is pretty much unequalled by any band you will see out there. They are ace musicians with sweet harmonies and song-craft to spare. They know how to take over a room; make it their space and share with you. They are sweet natured and engaging between songs and they even come with a massive papier mache laser hands!

When the gig ended we walked out into the warm streets of Wakefield as Mi Mye switched their instruments off and lifted their post gig drinks, but they hadn’t let go of our hearts. Having listened to the album every day for the last week I am flicking through my vinyl to see if I can find a better one. I can’t. You should by the album, put the needle on the record……. and close your eyes.

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