Mayor McCa, Mad Colours and Hot Club De Paris: Soyo Live, Sheffield

Soyo Live has for a number of years been the number one weekly student live music night, showcasing a huge range of local talent in a bar not normally known for it’s ‘indie’ credentials. Anyway the night has been growing and with most local bands having played before, Soyo has been looking to take the night up a level by introducing some of the undiscovered and hyped talent from around the country.
Tonight it was the turn of one of Tramlines main highlights, Hot Club De Paris, with support from Mayor McCa and the newly renamed Mad Colours. Mayor McCa confuses most people who happen to walk into his set. Crash landing into Sheffield from Americas Midwest, he looks like the kind of guy who might ask you for ‘a smoke’ later in the evening. A one man band with long unkempt hair, he talks of his bewilderment by the concept of Broomhill’s Nibbles Pizza. But his fun blend of mini-guitar, odd keyboard sound effects and crazy ramblings bring a smile to the face at the start of the evening.

Following on from McCa, were Sheffield favourites Heebie Jeebies going under their new name Mad Colours. Main man Del, celebrated his birthday in ramshackle style, and the newly named band were exactly what you expect from them under any guise, boisterous and noisy. Coming in somewhere between the Hives and The Fall they’re hypnotising to watch which probably explains why so many Sheffield bands came to support them.

Headline act, Hot club De Paris have been around for an age, debut single ‘Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother’ is now 5 years old, and the band have changed a lot and grown through that time. With a packed set at the Forum during the summer’s Tramlines festival, much of the crowd are here on word of mouth alone, hence why they played to the biggest Soyo crowd this term.Brothers Alasdair and Matthew and bassist Paul are one of Liverpool’s hardest working bands, and their feverish throbbing opening instrumental gives the crowd a taster of what’s to come. Some cheeky banter with one of the more up close and personal photographers about how he can make the three piece a foursome leads to a happy posing shot from the side of the stage. Relying more heavily on the newer Moshi Moshi released EP’s than their earlier material, the band drew their set to a loud and frantic close leaving the DJ’s to entertain the students completing their bar crawls and leaving the organisers with another successful week for Soyo Live. 

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