May68: Manchester Deaf Institute

Whenever I have mentioned either The Deaf Institute or May68 to anyone recently the response has unfortunately more often than not been one of blankness and somewhat bewilderment, who what where, hopefully this will change for both very soon. The Deaf Institute, a venue that far succumbs similar Manchester sized venues such as Night And Day and the Ruby Lounge in its acoustics, stage, decor and general environment played host tonight to what must surely be the next big thing to emerge from the ever-prominent Manchester music scene May68.

Already the buzz around them has deservedly accumulated many glowing reports and they were recently a highlight of the annual In The City Festival for many. Taking to the stage over an hour later than scheduled presumably to get most people in from the cold and up from the downstairs bar they slipped into opener ‘The Duke Is Dead’ a slightly more chilled, sexier feminine to The Whip, next song ‘Last Mile’ began to bring the slightly nervous looking audience closer to the stage as their enthusiasm seemed to grow with the guitar of Jonny Sture coming more into prominence so to add some extra muscle to their disco infused pop.

Singer Jude Wainwright was mesmerising throughout, holding both male and female in the palm in her hand and inducing some much deserved dancing that every song tonight so richly deserved, special mention must also go to drummer Camille Bertin whose timing and beats where impeccable throughout. After May68 admirably put their own touch to the Visage classic ‘Fade To Grey’ the Deaf Institute was bouncing as their best song ‘My Ways’ (which tonight merged into ‘White Lies’) entered proceedings to convince any doubters as the party ended in full flow.

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