Marina and The Diamonds and Meredith Sheldon: The Leadmill, Sheffield

It seems like Marina’s luck is changing for the better at the moment, having rescheduled all live performances from May, just as her album Electra Heart was released it couldn’t have got any worse. We called upon the last night of Marina and The Diamonds ‘The Lonely Hearts Club Tour’ at The Leadmill to see if Marina Lambrini Diamandis is back on track and back on form in her own special way.

Thirty minutes after the doors, The Leadmill was awash with girls paying tribute to Marina in the simple form of a little black love heart drawn on the cheek.  Though they had to wait patiently to see their idol as first on, was Meredith Sheldon.

Supporting Marina was Meredith Sheldon, an artist from the United States. Her performance consisted of her playing lead guitar and vocals, a drummer and a keyboardist. Meredith without doubt carried off the “rock chick” look, enticing the audience to listen carefully. The song which stood out most, for me, would have to be Reverie which had a cyclical riff which was surely catchy.

A quick set change showed Marina’s American obsessed theme, from the roadies in American style shirts embossed with a ‘Primadonna’ name tag. The stage was electrified with two large neon signs hung from the ceiling reading ‘Electra Heart’. A deep purple chaise longue was positioned centre stage, with a retro looking television positioned beside it and a white coat stand behind with various accessories hung from it. On top of the television was a cocktail glass and Marina’s toy dog, already famously named “Marilyn.” It was safe to assume that Marina was ready to treat the audience, not only with her music but with a delight for the eyes.

After building up the atmosphere with a selection of show tunes, pop music and everything in between, Marina entered the stage. Beginning with Homewrecker, taken from her new album, Marina strutted about the stage and worked her magic on the crowd. Luckily for the audience, Marina wasn’t all about ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as she mixed up songs from previous releases with tracks from her latest album ‘Electra Heart’, including Oh No!, Mowgli’s Road, Lies and her 2010 hit I Am Not A Robot. From start to finish of I Am Not A Robot the entire audience sang along with Marina, to which she smiled and applauded. After more new songs such as Primadonna and various costume changes, Marina played us a brand new song which isn’t featured on the album, called How To Be A Heartbreaker. This certainly made the audience feel privileged to hear a track that hasn’t been officially released yet.

In her encore, she came on stage on her own and played Teen Idle with just her on keyboard and vocals. Another one from the new album called Fear And Loathing and then Marina was ready to end the set with another huge hit from her previous album; “Hollywood”.

I was lucky enough to see Marina in 2010 on “The Burger Queen Tour” where she also finished with this song. Like in 2010, she brought on her huge fabric burger and bright yellow pompom. This was hugely rewarding for any of Marina’s fans from her previous tour in 2010.

Overall, Marina had an incredible stage presence and definitely put on the best show I have seen in a very long time. Her refreshing, vibrant and confident personality unquestionably had the Leadmill in a trance like state. I would recommend that you definitely see Marina whenever you can. It is a show not to be missed.

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