Little Comets and Catfish and The Bottlemen: Leadmill, Sheffield

It goes without saying that Little Comets are known as being a band that never disappoint and tonight, that didn’t change. Not long after setting off on their 2014 tour, indie-pop group Little Comets stopped of at Leadmill, one of the only Sheffield venues they’ve left to play.

The show kicked off with support from Catfish And The Bottlemen, a four-piece rock band hailing from Wales and it has to be said that they are by far one of the best support acts you could ask for. They’re fun, chatty, energetic and gave a roaring performance that was absolutely electrifying – what more could you want? I should probably also mention that frontman Van McCann has a tendency to hug everyone in sight and overuse the word ‘sweet’ – you’ve been warned.

During the short interval whilst the stage was set up ready for Little Comets, the capacity of Leadmill doubled in size and a buzz of excitement spread throughout the room shows just how far they’ve come.

Entering and opening with ‘A Little Opus’ Little Comets burst straight into a complete live set, jam-packed with material from both albums and a bunch of EPs. There wasn’t a single beat missing and with cruising baselines accompanied by playful drums, lilting guitars and vocal harmonies, there was head bobbing all around. Classic ‘One Night in October’ was undeniably a fan favourite as not a single soul was seen standing still and fans danced away, yelling the lyrics as loud as possible. The vibrant upbeat rhythm of ‘Joanna’ and ‘Isles’ also received an enthusiastic response from fans, cheering and clapping their way through the set.

Little Comets took the opportunity to test run a new song that’s soon to be released as part of their new EP on iTunes. Frontman Robert Coles moved onto piano while bassist Matt Hall abandoned joined Michael Coles on Guitar. Featuring a soothing tone and a beautiful acapella section in the middle, this track has a certain delicateness to it and if it’s anything to go by, this EP should definitely make it into your iTunes library.

All night, frontman Coles wore a smile like a child who had just been given a bag full of sweets and he wasn’t the only one. Fans all around wore this smile and Hall glanced at the front row with an occasional cheeky grin. It was clear this band love being on the stage.

A live set from the Little Comets just wouldn’t be complete without an acoustic guitar making an appearance and that’s where ‘Coalition of One’ comes in. Frontman Coles introduces the song saying “this is quite a quiet one, but it’s nice to play”. Little Comets display the perfect dynamic balance between upbeat fast-moving dance hits to slowed down ballad like tunes to keep the night flowing and even with the addition of these slower tracks, the atmosphere never dips.

They gave the crowd a ‘big massive thank you’ for coming down before launching into the last song of the set ‘Dancing Song’ which proved to be another fan favourite – saying that, I’m pretty sure every song was a fan favourite for there wasn’t a still moment the entire night.

After much chanting of ‘we want more!’ from the audience, Little Comets encored with ‘In Blue Music We Trust’ and hit song ‘Adultery’ before thanking everyone again for coming down and exiting one last time – everyone loved it.


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