Liam Frost: Manchester Ruby Lounge

A sold out audience crammed into the Ruby Lounge to witness a memorable set from Liam Frost and his band. Beginning with ‘Two Hearts’ from his recently released second album ‘We Ain’t Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain’ they treated a captivated audience to songs from both Liam’s albums.

The personal nature of Liam’s lyrics make it impossible to imagine anyone else singing his songs, beautiful and sad and often typically northern, they can emote both tears and smiles, bringing a heart wrenching warmness to the pit of any gut. His songs are so engrossing that once they grab hold of you they don’t let go and you feel all the better and privileged that they found you.

On stage Liam Frost can be rather mesmerizing swapping effortlessly between his acoustic and electric guitar and looking equally comfortable and confident when accompanied by his band or playing alone. His fans tonight seemed to relate to the fragile emotion in his voice that was evident in every song performed.

Of the songs played ‘The City Is At Standstill’ from his début album ‘Show Me How The Spectres Dance’ was momentous as was ‘If Tonight We Could Only Sleep’. Of his new songs recent single ‘Held Tightly In Your Fist’, ‘Good Things’, ‘Skylark Avenue’ and ‘Leading Lights And Luminaries’ were all outstanding.

The crowd was very appreciative and energetic throughout responding in sing a longs to most songs, unfortunately for one poor soul he was branded a fuck face by Mr. Frost when you continued his ooh-ooh ooh-ooh one bar too long during ‘Try Try Try’. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the individual who perhaps at this late hour on a Friday night had indulged in a few alcoholic beverages or maybe he just didn’t know the song that well, whatever the reason it should surely have been forgiven.

The band’s work for the night was done after a haunting rendition ‘The Mourners Of St. Paul’s’ but the music didn’t stop for long as Liam quickly returned to treat his charmed audience to some more favourites including ‘She Painted Pictures’.

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