Kunst Kunst Kunst IV featuring Drenge, Blood Sport, Les Oeuf Pourri and Ohnonotthem: Arundel Gate Court Studios, Sheffield

Kunst Kunst Kunst is back for its fourth installment  Part fundraiser for the Hallam University Fine Arts & Creative Arts Practice end of year show, all party, tonight’s line-up is a bit of a cracker.  The Arundel Gate Court Studio has been beautifully decked-out for the evening and hosts an eclectic array of stalls.

First up are Ohnonotthem who issue the challenge, laying-down infectious rhythms from the very off. They are always on the move, changing pace and tempo seemingly at will. Despite a couple of technical hitches, and a singer who is clearly battling illness, they play a refreshingly chaotic set. The evening is off to a great start.

One of the members of Les Oeuf Pourri is inexplicably dressed as a hot dog; it’s going to be one of those evenings. There seems to be an unfeasible amount of guitars crammed on stage as they whirl around creating a cacophony of noise.  As the venue begins to fill-up, this energy levels on stage begins to seep out into the audience; the highlight of their set being ‘Cherry Lips’.

It doesn’t take long for Blood Sport to enrapture the crowd with their hypnotic noise-laden afrobeat rhythms. They don’t stop between songs, which hold the audience firmly under their spell; always managing to keep their sound fresh and inclusive.  Blood Sport are easily one of Sheffield’s most talented and inventive bands around at the moment.

The headliners this evening are the brothers Loveless, better known as Drenge. They are one of the leading lights in Sheffield electric DIY scene. By now the Studio is packed to the rafters and the party is in full swing. Undaunted by a fire alarm which goes off mid-set, they belt out song after song with verve and gusto; their sleazy garage rock reverberating around the room. Along with Wet Nuns and Death Rays of Ardilla, Sheffield has hit upon a rich musical seam. Drenge’s sound has a feral intensity which makes it absorbing and exhilarating; songs like ‘I Wanna Break you in Half’ demonstrate the amount of raw talent flowing through their veins.

The riffs are still ricocheting around my brain as I stumble into the night.

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