Kasiuss, A Plastic Rose and Dimension: The Cockpit, Leeds

Even the most seasoned festival goer has to remove the mud encrusted wellies, pack up their tent and get back to civilisation and maybe even venture somewhere other than the great outdoors to experience live music.  Tonight the venue of choice was the Cockpit, and the three bands performing were Dimension, A Plastic Rose and Kasiuss.

The first youthful act was Dimension, who dragged with them a sizeable crowd of local folk, to support the band.  They played a neat set of American edged rock-pop.  Handling their instruments and performing confidently, they cemented their audience’s belief in them.

A Plastic Rose followed them, and as soon as a band member opened their mouth’s there was no mistaking their Northern Irish roots.  The band who have in the past opened for huge acts such as Snow Patrol before, drew an unfairly thin audience, but the boys un-phased by this were in their element.  The people who stayed appreciated the band, and though minimal in appreciation they were stuck to the spot for the whole set.  The band played edgy alternative rock, with whispers of their accents draped over their eye-watering strong vocals.

They played with the audience, “thanks for letting us in Leeds” and asked for the audience to join them at the front.  Luckily for the band, four spritely boys hurtled straight towards the front of the stage and proceeded to break into impromptu dance routines and mini four man mosh pits.

Kasiuss drew the biggest crowd of the night, who created a quiet buzz of anticipation in the room.  The band who hail from Leeds, played music that was a cross between pop-rock and grunge rock, adding a couple ballads thrown in for good measure.  Their sound was easy to compare to a range of acts from different genres.  The easiest comparison was to early Lost Prophets circa their ‘Fake Sense of Progress’ album, experimental rock which was a bit rough around the edges.  The strongest songs of the set were accompanied by piano; they added a feeling of drama to the songs and a bit of a gear change.  The audience were in awe of the band and the relaxed encouragement made for a very mellow Friday night with the added bonus of three varying sets of live music.

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