Gross Magic, Fanzine and Yuck: Leadmill, Sheffield

A near enough sell-out tour saw Yuck head to Sheffield in order to take over the Leadmill for one night only. Accompanied by Brighton’s Gross Magic and London boys Fanzine the night had promise to be rather delightful.

Missing the intriguing Gross Magic’s set was never the intention; still, we arrived in time to be entertained by Yuck’s main support Fanzine. Taking to the stage their set was simple yet effective. There were no dramatics they simply got on with it and delivered the music. Their latest single, Roman Holiday, which was released in the middle of November, brought us a ‘college rock’ anthem with a brain penetrating lick of a chorus. The kind that gets stuck in your head even if you don’t know the words you still end up singing along with it. In a way they are reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub and their non-offensive harmonies.

Fanzine have been described as scuzzy grunge by the national music press maybe it’s due to their Lo-Fi esque sounds which are wrapped up with a seemingly 90’s flow. Akin to Yuck it’s easy to see the comparisons between the bands with their musical prowess.

Headliners Yuck arrive with a self-titled home-made sheet gaffer taped to the back wall of the Leadmill stage. I’m sure the crowd know who they’ve come to see and the self-promotion needn’t have been necessary. Leading in with Holing Out, Yuck drifted through song after song with panache ending on a flash with Rubber. There were moments of excellence and periods of morose. For me, at least, they didn’t ignite a spark, yet with such hype still around them and one album under their belt so far, it’ll be interesting to see what happens for them in 2012.

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