Glasvegas and We Are Augustines: The Leadmill, Sheffield

After a summer filled travelling the world you’d think Glasvegas would have deserved a break, but no they embarked on seven date tour of the UK. A drizzly Saturday night marred by the news that Sir Jimmy Saville had passed away led us to The Leadmill in hope we would find solace in live and loud music.

With a crowd slowly filling the main room We Are Augustines set the night off. The Brooklyn band made up of three dudes enthused that American sound akin to that of Gaslight Explosion with added Bruce Springsteen. Lead singer Billy McCarthy’s vocals are comparable with ‘The Boss’, he has that big booming voice filled with energy and storytelling antics.

A fusion of folk-rock and vigorous lunges it seems sad to say that their highlight song and also their debut UK single release, Book of James, is a eulogy to McCarthy’s schizophrenic brother who committed suicide. The song itself huge, powerful vocals and rises in its build ups of guitar beats and bass. It’s a wonderful tribute.

Glasvegas started off a bit subdued. May be they were just a tad tired after a long summer and just over half way through their October tour? The crowd doesn’t seem to notice the malaise though from track to track there are people jumping and sing along with every word falling from James Allen’s mouth. The vocals appeared lost in the music as Glasvegas have an epic sound that covers every inch of the room.

Bringing in tracks from 2011’s widely acknowledged Euphoric /// Heartbreak\\\ album and adding a few old ones in too. From recent releases such as the atmospheric Euphoria, Take My Hand to classics such as Daddy’s Gone Glasvegas gave the crowd everything they could. Whilst embracing a back to basic feel in the Leadmill there were no stage antics or fussy lights it was simply about the music.

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