Glass Mountain: 360 Club, Leeds

360 Club, at The Library in Leeds, was completely sold out as Glass Mountain launched their debut EP, ‘Glacial’. An EP which they are steaming exclusively with us here at Counterfeit Magazine.

Glass Mountain arrived on stage dressed all in black and covered in different coloured ultra-violet paint. The capacity crowd gave them a huge cheer before they broke into their first number. Each track they played was in a different style to the last displaying the dexterity of these talented musicians, as they incorporate a wide variety of influences and genres. They began in an atmospheric tone with some very tender moments before progressing to much bigger and uplifting sounds. As their set developed the crowd in this intimate venue lapped up what they were offering, they gave you the impression that their sound isn’t just suited to small venues and you could easily imagine it working just as well in an arena setting. As well as playing the majority of the ‘Glacial EP’ they also treated us to a preview of their forthcoming EP with new track “Ghosts”. Glass Mountain closed their impressive set by holding the audience’s attention for almost ten minutes with a rousing performance of “Glacial”. Driven by some intricate and rapid drum patterns it seemed darker and moodier when played live. This highlighted their song-writing talent and knack for expertly experimenting with structure and restraint. They hold back perfectly to build tension before releasing at exactly the right time. Lead singer Harry came across as timid and humble between tracks but during his performance he displayed excellent control and depth of vocal range.

The evening concluded with and explosive set from Fighting Caravans. Even though the majority of the audience had departed as they were clearly here to see Glass Mountain the ones who stayed were treated to an exciting and energetic display. Their lead singer threw himself around the stage kicking things and smashing his tambourine against other instruments. Their tracks rapidly switch from simmering, and moody, to explosive angst. Although they are loud and ferocious it never descends into mindless noise. What they do is a finely honed craft and definitely not the shambolic thrashing that it could appear to be on first glance. As a unit they are filled with uncontrollable energy but it is the singer who really pulls focus. He has a physical resemblance to the lead singer of Gogol Bordello, they also share similar mannerisms, but not even the maverick performances of Eugene Hutz boil over to these levels of raw power.

You can stream Glass Mountain’s Glacial EP exclusively with us.

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