Future Of The Left: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

The main room at Brudenell Social Club was rammed for the arrival of cult heroes Future Of The Left, and their two support acts Unwave and Bearfoot Beware. As was the case with the entirety of this tour, to promote their latest album “The Peace and Truce of Future of the Left”, these support acts had been personally selected by the headliners.

First up was Leeds locals Unwave. Very shouty and with energy to burn they began at blistering pace. As they progressed they reminded me of a less composed version of !Forward Russia!. The crowd seemed to warm to them quickly as they served up some impressive moments in a short set.

Unwave were quickly followed by Bearfoot Beware, another Leeds based act. They had the crowd on their side as the atmosphere intensified with the energy they displayed. They got the mosh pit going through their pre-headliner stretches with their energy and explosive nature. Their style was physically embodied by a jolting jack-in-a-box of a bassist.

It was then time for the main event, Future of the Left. Any fears that favourites from their impressive back catalogue would be set aside to make way for a majority of new material were instantly allayed as they opened with “Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood”, “Arming Eritrea” and “Chin Music”. Prior to this set I had considered “The Peace and Truce of Future of the Left” to be not quite up to the standard of all the previous albums, although certainly anything but a flop. Only four songs into the performance Future of the Left had completely changed my opinion on this, as they played “Miner’s Gruel” and it didn’t at all seem out of place alongside the early hits.

As you looked around you witnessed a sea of joyous faces of a crowd becoming more and more excitable, especially during “Beneath the Waves an Ocean” where the audience passionately chanted along with the chorus. The chanting soon turned to moshing as they treated us to renditions of “Manchasm” and “You Need Satan More Than He Needs You”, a track which they dedicated the Nigel Farage.

It was easy to see just why Future of the Left have such a devoted following, the passion and exuberance they display on stage alone is compelling. Lead singer ‘Falco’ not only provides impassioned and unique lyrics but his patter between tracks wouldn’t look out of place in the bracket of political stand-up comedy. Bassist Julia Ruzicka conjures up riffs that are forceful and funky in equal measure as she sways and tosses her hair.

They are heralded for their individual and enthralling endings to sets and tonight was definitely up to their very high standard. They closed on a medley of “French Lessons”, “Singing of the Bonesaws”, “Lapsed Catholics” and “Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues”, the later is a track from their previous incarnation as McLusky. They glided from one to another before dipping back into “Lapsed Catholics” as Falco dismantled the drummers kit from around him as he played, even passing the snare to one lucky audience member for them to play out the final few moments.

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