Everyone An Army, Cobra Fist, The Hope Explosion and Firesuite: SOYO, Sheffield

Another manic Monday saw the guys from Sloucher take SOYO over and ply us with not only a copy of their eclectic zine in a student rag mag style, but also a night filled with a mix of their top local bands.

Scarborough trio Everyone An Army kicks the night off, arriving towards the end of the set it’s hard to describe them in full effect. What we did see was chaos in an organised fashion, albeit pretty tidy in places. In full effect with its dirty, metal like with some added math, shame we missed their full set.

Seems our Monday was all about the core, this time and with ninja stances we were on a quest with Cobra Fist. Taking it hard from the start our three superheroes work through a heated set, rhythmic and fast paced like men possessed in their search for Fable. With their pledge of silence to the masses, the pact was broken as Lore bludgeoned occasional words, that had very little meaning to some, but to others these were the titles of their mythical escapades. From magical keytar to power bass pumping hard and fast a golden angel appeared onstage complete with rhythmical guitar, it’s well know to the Fistees that this angel only appears when righteousness is alive.

Some people were astounded by what they just witnessed; some were simply in the zone, magical, brave and outstanding, which left a pretty hard act to follow for The Hope Explosion.  Though there’s no need for worry, The Hope Explosion are safe in their own skin as they rip through their set. Heart pounding riffs, hard hitting beats and lyrics that stick around after they’ve been sung are what they’re about. It’s no wonder why The Hope Explosion are renowned for their energetic live performance and wowing their audiences, certainly one to watch in summer 2012.

Taking the level down a tad, but still keeping the rock edge Firesuite, our headliners for the night bring a slightly more feminine stance as Sarah Griffiths partners Chris Anderson on vocals. Ambient in places it fuses a fire that releases vigorously before slowly burning into a shoegaze delight, but we ain’t talking indie we’re talking more like goth vibes and 80’s power of epic proportions.

All said and done, it was a top ending to the night and a huge well done to the Sloucher team for a top, even if it was a tinnitus inducing, night.


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