Ellie Goulding: Manchester Academy

Kicking the night off were Scottish two piece Bright light, , one on drums and one on the keys, a lot of synthesising, and one voice created a very new 90’s feel to Academy 1. Playing their new single ‘I’m in love again’. They are definitely an upcoming new band worth checking out, tonight’s crowd thought so, they loved it.

The main support former pet shop girl (literally) Jade Williams, The Sunday Girl, definitely took command of the stage. With her voice backed by a 3 Male strong band, the crowd were quickly entranced, and dancing away. The amazing vocals from Sunday Girl kept crowds really entertained. With some crazy flicks of her hair, the lighting really created a bubbly and vivacious atmosphere, leading to massive cheers. Finishing her set with a new song, Stop Hey!, which is released in January 2011. Definitely a Single to keep an ear out for.

And then here it was, time for Ellie. The Academy’s capacity crowd already psyched, band in place, armed with drumsticks, she made one loud entrance! And really seemed to enjoy banging away at the drums! She didn’t want to stop, but alas to centre stage she had to be! Every song thereafter was greeted with a huge cheer, leading the band to enjoy themselves even more, with Ellie now occasionally accompanying the drummer with a singular drum and cymbal, creating rapturous percussions. Smiles were on that of the faces in the crowd mirrored their own! Sections of the performance made me quite emotional, such was Ellie’s control.

The projected backdrops for the small venue were pretty impressive. Some very cool patterns and eye-catching images. Ellie loves picking up her guitar wherever possible and the crowds were pushed over the edge with her cover of Moscow. Switching from stings back to drums, the kids at the front were jumping away. Then back to the guitar, at this point my highlight was a cover of Sweet Disposition. VERY GOOD! Very good indeed!

We then had a small interlude almost, a little strange at first with a biography of Ellie, but then she came back on straight after leading back into a small story about a past relationship and then boom back into the next song. It worked well.

A short set later, was the end, with Ellie returning with an encore of Human, her new song, and then finishing off with the inevitable hit “Starry Eyed’, the crowd were very much riled up leaving on a “sexy” feel, to quote Ellie!

Once ‘Starry Eyed’ broke out, fans were leaping to the front and jumping up and down, ending with her most popular tune was far from disappointing.

I have found from tonight’s performance that what makes Ellie’s music so popular is substance, words that really express meaning and create an emotive response, which is just backed by the accomplished band. She’s not too bold and brass, but definitely cuts through you, with the presence and experience of an artist twice her age.

Very good Performance. I wish her luck in the future.

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