Ella Eyre, Seinabo Sey and Joel Baker: Plug, Sheffield

She is yet to release her debut album, but Britain is already caught up in an Ella Eyre fever, owing to her vocals blessing Rudimental’s ground-breaking single, ‘Waiting All Night’ last year. If you have no idea what I’m on about, Ella Eyre in a nutshell is an 80% hair, 100% soulful vocal powerhouse. Then again, you Sheffield lot obviously have a good ear for music so I shan’t bore you anymore with background information. Onto the Plug!

Seinabo Sey stuns the buzzing crowd into silence. They are obviously taken aback by such a strong support. She looks comfortable on stage, cocking her head back with attitude, wearing gold earrings and a long red kimono. Well, you’d be confident too if you could belt out deep and soulful, Laura Mvula style vocals, which are best exemplified on the melodious piano and bass thomping, ‘Pistols At Dawn’. Other songs have all the drama and force of an Adele ballad, only with the backing of a quirky and equally talented band. She finishes with the synth-cathedral keys and catchy, repeating electronic vocals of ‘Younger’, which features the inspirational line, “There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep.” By the end of her performance, Seinabo Sey’s confident expression quickly changes into a surprised one, as she thanks the crowd who erupt into cheers and applause.

The crowd’s enthusiasm builds to even greater heights, as Ella Eyre’s band begin, spotlights temporarily blind us and the feline, ball of energy, Ella herself, literally leaps onto the stage. “You don’t need to worry about me” she effortlessly purrs in her signature husky, honey tones, shishing her huge curly main, as she struts the stage in shiny leggings, Nike crop-top and a patterned, over-sized, open shirt. She moves onto familiar territory with single, ‘Deeper’ and track from the same EP, ‘Love Me Like You’, which sounds slower and more stripped of its electronic-dance elements when played live, making it more emotive. Next is the edgy, rocking, ‘Bullet For You’ from her ‘Comeback’ EP, which displays her impressive, steady vocals and uncontainable energy, as she jumps backwards off the drum kit platform. She revisits her first solo single, ‘If I Go’, turns 80s ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’ into a beautiful ballad, then gets the crowd singing their lungs out and jumping to ‘Waiting All Night’. She then reveals herself as the brains behind Sigma’s new, euphoric, drum’n’bass single, ‘Changing’ featuring Paloma Faith, but tonight is brilliantly performed by Ella. Her double encore is a song about missing home and not wanting to admit it, which she says, ‘I bet you new students can relate to!’, whilst her last is single, ‘Comeback’, which has a catchy, John Newman feel about it. Ella Eyre sincerely thanks Sheffield for being a ‘Fucking amazing audience’, as cheers and applause ring through the room. We can only hope that we’ve done enough to make her want to come back soon!

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