Driftrun, Thomas the Brave + others: The Harley

With the weekends partying out of the way, and having finished your first day back at work – to quote Sir Bob ‘I hate Mondays’ – nothing relaxes you more than listening to some local band at an intimate venue. Tonight was the turn of The Harley to put on an excellent evenings array of talent.

A relaxing start to the evening was in the shape of Thomas the Brave, just him, a mic and his guitar. His set consisted of what can only be described as a personnel collection of musings on life in general, whether it be love or just observations on daily comings and goings itself. The lyrics came through clear and strong accompanied by some gentle plucking and slapping on the guitar, to be honest not usually my cup of tea but on a Monday evening with a good pint to hand I was quite happy to keep on listening. I’ve seen a number of artists with this style and always maintain it’s a question of ‘time and place’ but tonight was perfect so no complaints from me at all.

Next up was The Cartels (who seem to be very busy at the moment on the Sheffield music scene!) but again not all the band members were available tonight – so another Smaller Cartels set was played out to the awaiting crowd – but even with the recent/temporary band shrinkage, their set is still very listenable and enjoyable. The clear/strong vocal from DT on ‘Where I Stand’ was just so astounding it impressed everyone in the room, and I think it came as bit of a surprise to some too – their sound instantly directed all the attention to the stage. I felt their best lyrics came from their next song ‘Heart of Gold’, which makes you wonder where they get their inspiration from…pretty girls/rainbows maybe? Their ‘Sing Together’ song which was so catchy and easy to sing along to (hence the name I suppose!), managed to scoop the biggest applause of the night. This band seems to have a good blend…like a decent cocktail – Bob Dylan with a hint of Jam, topped with a spurt of Oasis….good set!

Driftrun took to the stage with immense applause and kicked off with the energetic ‘Marching with the Enemy’. Driftrun use many music styles and I must say in my opinion these lads make up one of the best bands around Sheffield at the moment…Gilly’s vocals are absolutely magnificent and believe me (if you’ve never seen these lads before) their set never seems long enough and you will always want to hear more. It’s also entertaining to watch them too; Gilly’s robotic/early rave/acid house…ish movements could quite easily be seen as weird if it was done by anyone else…but as Gilly gets into the moment the dancing comes across as natural and quite entrancing. Their set consisted of around eight songs, including new material which promises to be just as popular with their regular fans as their established tracks. My absolute favourites (and that of others, judging by the amount of applause/cheers they received as soon as the drum/guitars started playing the tunes) are Mellor Road and Knife Edge – so addictive! I think Driftrun should be signed and playing bigger venues, if you haven’t seen them…make sure you do! Oh and by the way…Gilly has invited everyone to his birthday bash at the 02 Academy Sheffield on the 27th November – be there!

All in all, a great night to round off the summer.

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