Django Django: The Plug, Sheffield

Django Django have been taking the festival circuit by storm this summer with tracks from their self titled album. Now on a UK tour, they’re hoping to get their crowd bouncing as much as those in their shorts and wellies from Kinross down to the Isle of Wight over the summer.

Their warm up ‘Gulp’ have a similar feel with with throbbing guitar riffs not out of place in a Clint Eastwood western, with a tapping catchy beat. They take their music seriously, maybe too seriously for an act who obviously make music you’d like to at the very least tap your foot to.

With the interlude beats of LCD Soundsystem the crowd was now properly primed for when the main act come on. Three happy grinning moons beamed against the low budget but seemingly apt Venetian blinds before the Django’s came on stage, greeted with a roar from the audience which was repaid with their teasing intro leading into 6music favourite, Hail Bop.

On the same day they won the Q Magazine award for Best New Act presented to them by Alice Cooper and with just over a week to go before they find out if they can cause an upset at the Mercury Awards, they roll through hits and instant album classics like Storm, Fireworks and Waveforms.

It’s not often you see coconut shells making an appearance outside Monty Python parodies, but Loves Dart, brought them back with the addition of rattlesnake sounds from another rarity, the vibraslap. They seem keen on trying out new sounds, and making sure that they make the cut to a live show without relying on samples. Rolling into their Egyptian ‘Skies over Cairo’ then their breakthrough single from earlier this year, Default, the crowd weren’t given much time to rest for the duration of the set.

Finishing up on Hank Marvin percussive spectacular ‘WOR’ the crowd were happy, but not ready to leave, returning for an encore of album finale, Silver Rays, their set is delayed by an unfortunate glitch on an otherwise faultless night. Leaving the audience gasping for more after playing the album through and running out of material, their return trip with a new album is already eagerly anticipated.

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