Detroit Social Club: The Harley, Sheffield

Regular and welcome visitors to Sheffield over the past 2 years, the pride of Newcastle, Detroit Social Club kick off their 24 date DIY tour tonight in a venue they know well. Led by the charismatic, creative main man David Burn, DSC had a big year in 2010 with many high profile festival slots and a critically acclaimed début album Existence but then took the decision to go it alone and founded F**k Pop Records to release their new single I Am Revolution.

Opening proceedings tonight are siblings Thomas and Nicholas Tietzsch-Tyler under the guise of The Death Rays Of Ardilla. A duo whose output belies their number, with drums and guitar creating a wall of raw edged sound that gets little reaction from a good sized crowd waiting for Mr Burn and Co. White Stripes they aren’t, nor are they another Bromheads but impressive all the same.

DSC are who most have paid to see though and they didn’t disappoint with a fine set of big anthemic tunes with a dose of psychedelia and more than a pinch blues thrown in. Starting with Rivers and Rainbows, they change a few song arrangements round tonight, like an acoustic start on the wonderful Black And White that David gets the audience to sing chorus on, without much prompting. With lyrics like ‘to know what I’m made of is not who I am, biology can’t explain the soul of man” and a delivery of Ashcroft proportions the crowd lap it up.

Closing with Northern Man, a song many empathise with, and a promise of a new album leaves the audience thirsty for the next instalment.

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