Decode, A Season Of Secrets, Steel Trees, 6Needles and Revalations: O2 Academy2, Sheffield

After venturing out in sub-zero temperatures we arrived at Academy2 for a night of rock/metal arranged by SB2 . Revelations, had just taken to the stage, a Chesterfield metalcore band with Brad Harkness on vocals. Harkness certainly knew how to get the young crowd going and soon had them opening up a big pit, amusingly enough as the chaos of the pit ensued, a gaggle of girls  screamed and ran for cover, obviously not used to live music and the energy of a crowd. The music was vigorous and pretty tight; a great set from what I am sure are a band to keep your eyes, and ears, peeled for in the future.

Next up were, Sheffield band 6 Needles. Tunny on vocals and guitar greeted the crowd with “Ey Up, now I am not much of a conversationalist so we will just crack on” and then in came the opening bar at which point he stops the band in their tracks to retune his guitar! Unfortunately it isn’t a great start for a band who had already kept the crowd waiting a while before they even made their way onto the stage. Once the band finally had finally gotten going they calm the room down with a slower tempo and a much more rocky sound.

Steel Trees then proceeded to show the room something else, bringing a heavy rock sound to a now bustling crowd. The crowd interaction was great and they informed us of their new album ‘Attack Of The Stoner Zombie Killer Kids’. Despite only being a three-piece, these guys despite commandeered the stage delivering an energetic performance which saw even the drummer really getting in to it, with little show-off quick fingered drum stick spins, and had pockets of the crowd head banging along. Closing with the drummer knocking over some of his kit and the guitarists’’ flooring their guitars leaving them producing an eerie interference on the now empty stage.

A Season of Secrets, much to the young crowd’s delight hit the stage, with 6 young energetic lads delivering a pop-punk sound that had the whole crowd engaged. A tight set with a couple of slight vocal disharmonies the crowd were like putty in their hands, with one young die-hard fan singing every word perfectly it seemed.  Matt Crowder took to the crowd with his guitar which went down a storm. These guys sure know how to please a crowd and could easily have been headlining!

The headliners Decode bounded onto the stage, and set out to deliver a high energy show with Daniel Jeffrey the front man hanging from the lighting rig into the crowd for most of the set. The crowd loved them and obeyed the band’s requests to open up a number of pits a tight and energetic set which was a bit more metal than the last few bands. Towards the end of the set, Jeffrey, and guitarist(s?) joined the crowd and got a massive pit opened up, during which chaotic arm swinging, body bashing, high kicks and the likes took place. The audience interaction was spot on throughout and the guys seemed to be genuinely enjoying every minute on stage. They certainly left the crowd on a high and wanting more, which they gave them, a sneaky additional song despite having been informed earlier that their time was up! All in all it was a cracking night which entertained a crowd of probably 200 or so for a good few hours before seeing them head back out onto the icy streets of Sheffield.

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