Daughter: Town Hall, Leeds

In the middle of the vast surroundings of Leeds Town Hall stands Indians aka Søren Løkke Juul, cutting a lonely figure against the imposing organ backdrop. Peering over a cluster of synths and wires he murmurs with a lazy Bruce Springsteen drawl over the soft melancholy of ‘Bird’. Søren’s voice is fragile, often melting into the background, but as the shuffling crowd settles, so his confidence grows along with the cinematic scope of ‘Magic Kids’. Shimmering keyboards drift out through the billowing clouds from the overzealous smoke machine finally winning us over.

Daughter return to Leeds for another sold out show, 9 months on from their magical performance at the Holy Trinity Church. Tonight’s venue is on a grander scale, but after a year that has seen them support Sigur Ros and released a critically acclaimed début album, ‘If You Leave’, Daughter are more than ready. The sadness swells as singer Elena Tonra voice cracks through,’Love’, every note a little heartbreak. This is passionate music, but the crowd seem glued to their seats, though still starry-eyed and spellbound. Remy Aguilella’s delicate jazz drumming is the perfect foil for Elena’s perfect diction, driving every word home. Lifting the mood from it’s melancholy haze ‘Human’ is just the shot of happiness we need. The band join together to create a vibrating, joyful sound that echoes to the fast crash of cymbals. Darkness is never far away as ‘Smother’ sends an icy chill down the spine as guitarist Igor Haefeli creates a ghostly atmosphere.

With the triumphant call to arms of ‘Youth’ the crowd finally take to their feet, drawing a wide smile from singer Elena as we stomp and clap along. The reverent atmosphere finally broken, Daughter are free to have fun with a slightly downbeat cover of ‘Get Lucky’. Restrained booty shaking breaks out with a collective sigh of relief, after all, too much sadness is never a good thing.

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