Darwin Deez and San Cisco: The Leadmill, Sheffield

Warming up an almost empty Leadmill were San Cisco, making summery, chilled out, cider in the sunshine type music. You can tell the four piece, including incredibly cool girl drummer Scarlett Stevens, come from sunny Oz. Asking their British crowd what is best to do in Sheffield responses of ‘dogging’ and ‘pub’ were heckled back, leaving fresh faced lead singer Jordi Davieson blushing slightly as his band mates laughed on. With smooth harmonies and the addition of keys and tambourine on some tracks San Cisco did a perfect job of playing a set that sounded like one big summer tune to get Leadmill ready for the fun explosion that is Darwin Deez.

Though the crowd took their time filling The Leadmill, and were incredibly reserved in their support for the foursome with their bubbling chit chat and reserved bopping of heads not matching the energetic enthusiasm of the quirky indie foursome. Powering through Darwin Deez had managed to shimmy into the crowd’s hearts and soon had a growingly rowdy Leadmill pulling some shapes of their own.

The New York four piece match their set of classic tracks and songs from the new album Songs For Imaginative People with a show of synchronised dance routines to tracks from Mike Posner and even a cheeky remix of Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair which shone with the fun that oozes from this bunch of mismatched musicians.

Songs from the band’s first album get the best reaction of the night as a group of hardcore Darwin fans, one of which has a headband round his forehead in homage to lead singer Darwin Smith, pogo at the front and everyone else, in a more civilised Radio 2 manner sing dutifully along to tracks from the band’s self-titled debut album.

Joining in with ‘Bad Day’, which was introduced to the crowd with a middle finger salute from the Darwin and screaming on demand during a brief pause in ‘Constellations’, The Leadmill exploded on the first few jangly chords of biggest hit ‘Radar Detector’

In amongst the hyperactivity of the band and excitement from the crowd the more thoughtful tracks of new album fell flat live, with rockier single ‘Free (The Editorial Me)’ being the only track to get a reaction as enthusiastic as those to the band’s older material.

Returning to the stage to a rousing encore Darwin Deez handed over to their crowd to choose their last song, asking them to choose between hits “The Bomb Song” and “Bedspace” for their send off track. With a final plee for fans to buy their merch, and a little huddled bow, Darwin Deez left the crowd at The Leadmill beaming from ear to ear and humming the joyous riffs of ‘Radar Detector’ all the way home.

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