Crybabycry: Oporto, Leeds

Crybabycry headlined Oporto and entry included a free copy of their latest EP. Oporto was packed with fans eager to witness them play live, which doesn’t happen as often these days with band member Rosie Doonan tied up with her commitments as the guitarist for Birdy.

Rosie joins forces on stage with singer, guitarist and bassist Jonny Firth and drummer Nici Todd. Doonan and Firth share the guitar, bass and singing responsibilities and both are incredibly accomplished at whichever role they partake in. Their individual vocals are crisp and soulful and the harmonies between them are a thing of beauty. The wandering bass lines are moody and rumbling with a funky element, they merge perfectly with the bluesy guitar riffs. Nici’s impressive drumming pierces and crashes through the riffs. Their combination of elements of country, blues, rock and soul music is vaguely reminiscent of Dead Weather but their music is a unique blend of these styles.

The band barely paused for applause as they rattled through a set which comprised of songs so instantly accessible that you find them replaying in your thoughts for days afterwards. They played many of the tracks which have gained them such a strong reputation including ‘Jukebox’. ‘Tombstone’ highlighted their ability to effortlessly raise a song from a blues beginning to a rasping, seething heavy American rock finale.

This set was also a chance for them to showcase the tracks ‘Go Go’, ‘The Tramp’ and ‘Lovely Bones’ which feature on the EP included as part of the entry fee. ‘Go Go’ saw Jonny and Rosie both expressing the same sentiments either through Rosie’s sultry vocals, Jonny’s soulful contribution, or a perfectly harmonious combination of the two. The guitar parts provide a catchy rhythm to an incredibly infectious chorus. ‘The Tramp’ is possibly the most impressive of these three songs purely for its explosive and angst ridden final chorus. Their encore included the last of the songs available on the EP ‘Lovely Bones’, a sweet and tender song with country influences which Jonny dedicated to his girlfriend.

(Photo from Bingley Music Live 2013).

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