Coma Girls, House of Charms and Mark Jones: The Washington, Sheffield

The start of January is always a bit of a chore when it comes to gaining motivation, but when live music is on the cards it’s not always that hard. The Washington was our home for a wet and very windy Wednesday night and with three acts on the bill we were gladly welcomed in.

Having missed the duration of Mark Jones’ set we caught the end of what appeared to be a loose and tongue in cheek biography of what could be the man’s life accompanied by a guitar. Okay, so biography may be a bit of a wide fill but like I say we only caught the last 10 minutes or so. What we did hear were stories backed up by verse in a West Yorkshire accent. A mental note made to self was that if I do see this chap on a bill again I will have to forego seasonal weather issues and catch the start of his set to fill in the blanks as it was a rather interesting exhibit of storytelling.

Second on the bill and a duo we got to see in full effect were the House of Charms. A two-piece consisting of two fellas, a double bass and a guitar who in fact were rather entrancing, in a twee folk way. I don’t mean that with disrespect either. The House of Charms are, in a number of ways, what music is about. They genuinely appear to enjoy what they do. Quirky songs about love, life and the weather go down a treat. Despite a broken guitar string and the loan of one of the headliners guitars they continued their performance with a broad range of anecdotes. With songs about fascinators and about pissing in the rain it was a pleasurable performance that raised a lot of nods and a fair few smiles.

The Coma Girls, our headliners for the night, are not girls in fact they are a bunch of fellas. Leading in with a very Rolling Stones sounding song about a train with added wooh wooohs it sounds like they’ve borrowed something from Sympathy from the Devil. As their set continues there’s a notable Americana influence from Neil Young, Tom Petty and even The Boss. It’s energetic, entertaining and a great end to a very enjoyable evening.


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