Club 60 Single Launch: Shakespeare’s, Sheffield

If you’ve found yourself disappointed that you missed out on the festival scene this summer, be it that your pockets were empty or that you couldn’t for the life of you, comprehend camping in a field for three days, this night would be just what the doctor ordered. This is presuming that your doctor is Club 60 and your surgery is The Shakespeare.
Club 60 know how to throw a party. The Club 60 DJs warmed up the night with an eclectic mix of songs sandwiched between snippets of radio show interviews. The two stage set up gave the night an intimate festival vibe.

First to perform outdoors beneath the ambient fairy lights and paper lanterns, were the Unsung National Heroes. Their double bass folk fuelled the beer garden with fun. ‘Orange Tree’ stood out as the most fun and catchy of the tunes, whilst ‘Oh Brother’ proved the most popular with the fan filled crowd.

Next we were directed upstairs and indoors for some sweaty shoulder to shoulder dancing in the Japanese style boudoir to check out the awesome ObLONG. Rockers such as ‘Deny’ and ‘I Am The Noise’ are instantly lovable. The opening line for ‘Deny’, ‘Red handed caught on CCTV’ gives you an idea of the fun you’re in for. Their rock’n’roll stage presence, the guitarist Steve Genn side hip thrusts and Tracy Deakin’s relentless vocals make ObLONG the definition of cool. Juxtaposed to this is the gentle and melodic ‘The Disappointment’ and to finish, ‘In Remission’ which can be found on the new limited edition single released on the Club 60 Music record label.

Back on the garden stage was Ed Cosens for a chilled acoustic/Mac set which beautifully fitted the surroundings. His lyrics spoke of heartache and his voice sang with a Damien Rice quality. Songs such as ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ were performed with sincerity whilst another was introduced as ‘When you realise that the person you’re with is a tw*t.’ It sounds as though Ed’s heart has been on the line before.

Then over on the Japanese stage were Black Cat White Cat led by the charismatic Angela Basson whose vocals yo-yo between high feminine moans and tougher groans, always with attitude. ‘Fridge’ was far from cold and appears on the single whilst ‘ShinyRiver’ kept the sweaty crowd hooked. ‘Lucille’ was a pain filled love song which was then balanced out by the fiery ‘Fat Bitch’.

Other performances included the acoustic Jody Wildgoose on the outdoor stage, Michael Eden looking sharp in his pinstriped suit, belting out atmospheric tunes such as ‘Doors’ which appears on the single, closely followed by the more upbeat, Don Genes whom were again joined by Eden. Their song ‘Doors’ also appears on the mighty Club 60 single. The night was brought to a close by the Sheffield famed DJ Andy Smith. A thoroughly awesome night to say the least!

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