Cloud Control, Younghusband and By the Sea: Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

After a long awaited return, Cloud Control have managed to reel in quite the crowd. Walking into the old fire station turned bar, Bungalows and Bears I make my way through the horde of people, reaching the front of the bunting dressed stage just in time for the first support band.

Liverpool’s indie-pop band, By The Sea, open their set with dreamy electronic-like lullabies. Their style could be compared to that of other summery sound driven bands like Wild Nothing, Craft Spells and Beach House. The bands live performance in comparison to their studio album seemed to lack the softness of their recorded material. The lead singers vocals were also at times quite indiscernible, but with a few sound improvements the band’s idyllic ambiance and hazy vocals are set to sweep present and future listeners off their feet.

The music industry has seen a new generation of psychedelic inspired bands recently and second support band of the night, Younghusband, have clearly experimented with this new wave of sound. The bands performances of ‘Left Of The Rocks’ with its heavy bass and tender synth chords and ‘Silver Sisters’ with its simultaneous droning guitar riffs were particularly riveting.

Dreamy indie rock band Cloud Control have returned to Sheffield to perform their own show at Bungalows and Bears for the first time since October 2011. Since last playing in 2011 the band have been busy touring with The Drums, playing various festivals including Field Day and Wilderness Festival in 2012 and finally releasing their second album ‘Dream Cave’ in 2013. Their fan base has rapidly expanded as a result of this.

The Aussie band kick off their show with frontman Alister Wright clambering on top of the speakers. Prior to wrapping himself around a pillar he warms up with layered vocoder vocals, making up the first tune of the set ‘Scream Rave’. As the first song comes to a close Alister untangles himself from the pillar to begin the next song ‘Dojo Rising’, before shifting to the darker and more harrowing ‘Island Living’. Tender synth chords are juxtaposed with a heavy bass, which makes for an interesting and pleasantly unusual sound.

Before the band progress into their next song there come some technical difficulties with the bass guitar, but luckily Younghusband kindly lend the band their bass in order to continue. After a smooth recovery the band resume their performance with an old upbeat song ‘This Is What I Said’ taken from their first album ‘Bliss Release’.

Halfway through the set and the band continue to play more songs from their two albums including ‘Meditation song #2 (Why, Oh Why)’ and ‘Happy Birthday’, during which point I noticed the line of irradiated faces peeping from over the raised seating area, nodding and mouthing the lyrics to the ridiculously catchy chorus, ‘I hate my birthday, its true/A happy thought here for you’.

‘Moonrabbit’ proves to be a favoured track that you could say embodies a similar melody to that of Tame Impala’s ‘Apocalypse Dreams’. Heidi Lenffer introduces the succeeding track, ‘The Smoke, The Feeling’ with her resonating vocals. Finally with a short pause for effect, the band launches into some sort of infectious 50s doo-wop song gone rogue which, could only be the bands latest single, ‘Promises’. Keeping the hype going the band segues into ‘Gold Canary’ ending on a high and eccentric note with ‘Scar’ and ‘There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight’.

The band’s performances from ‘Dream Cave’ were awash with catchy melodies and deep textures. Cloud Control have a truly distinctive sonic sound that has developed tremendously since their first album ‘Bliss Release’. Bungalows and Bears never fail to welcome new and upcoming talent and it was an absolute delight to watch Cloud Control play in this homely and intimate venue before the band begin filling up the larger ones, which I’m sure they will be in the next year or so.

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