Circa Waves: O2 Academy, Sheffield

After releasing their latest album “Different Creatures”, up and coming indie heroes Circa Waves hit the acclaimed O2 Academy in Sheffield on the 18th of March for an incredible headlining gig. Supported by INHEAVEN and The Magic Gang, the show was something to remember.

INHEAVEN hit the stage first with a powerful and thrashy set of punchy guitar riffs and an attitude like no other. Front-woman Chloe wowed the crowd with an intense amount of charisma as she alternated with stylistic vocals between her and the main guitarist. The set was consistent, but increased with energy, especially to the sound of their most well known song ‘Treats’. The crowd progressively got rowdier on this track, and everyone in the venue sung along in unison. They played consistently from start to finish, mainly brimming with energy, except for the dreamy song ‘Drift’, in which the melodic style of the band really shined and you could passion the music. They opened up the stage beautifully for the next band.

When the Magic Gang roared onto the stage, you couldn’t help but smile. The Brighton four-piece floated onto stage with a certain level of confidence and cockiness that had the crowd cheering. As expected, The Magic Gang put on an upbeat and exciting show. Coming straight in with boundless energy, the band members were jumping around in glee as the crowd progressively got more berserk. The audience was starting to turn into a wave of people, as they flowed back and forth. The whole bottom floor of the venue was packed out at this point. What struck me most is how happy and uplifted the artists seem, just to be performing. You could feel it through the music and so could the fans, as they connected with the artists on a subconscious level. The Brighton boys put a varied set all together, with slow ballad-like indie tunes such as ‘All The Way’ in the middle. In which the guitars and bass wobbled through the hot air of the O2, as the drums kept everyone moving and singing along to the feel-good lyrics. They finished abruptly, leaving the stage in a timely fashion, as suspense built for the headliners.

It was time for the main event. Everyone had been dying to hear these guys all night, and it was finally time. You could feel suspense in the air as their instruments were being set up. Finally, Circa Waves invaded the stage with a savage and well-polished musical sound. The audience went absolutely bonkers as chunks of the crowd were pushed back and nearly fell over. Screaming fans sat on shoulders as the Liverpool Indie outfit cried out anthem after anthem. Their set mainly consisted of them at their best. Songs like ‘Stuck In My Teeth’ and ‘Fossils’ had everyone bouncing. “Tonight our music is yours Sheffield!” screamed front man Kieran, as they ripped up Sheffield with savage and emotive guitar riffs blended with smooth up-beat bass and deep drum hits. Towards the end of the set the band played out a few tracks of their new album, many their first time playing live, such as ‘Without You’. A deeply powerful love track with melodic and soul-lifting chorus’s.

Towards the end of the set the beginning chords of ‘T-Shirt Weather’ played, literally just a few notes. This is enough to prompt the crowd to go insane. Everyone jumped as one and the audience flowed back and forth more violently as circle pits formed. The set as a whole was truly magnificent and at times mind blowing. The melodic and uplifting chorus’s shook everyone to the core as the acoustic, surf-like verses soothed everyone’s souls.

What a set these guys put on! It’s no wonder their going places. If there’s any band that I’d recommend checking out on the circuit now, it’s Circa.

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