Chloe-Jade Simmons, David J Roch, Long Strung Creatures and Dr Robeatnik: Hagglers Corner, Sheffield

Walking into the courtyard at Hagglers Corners brought about a sense of festive spirit, lit up with fairy lights and embroiled in the scent of warming spices coming from the Hagglers kitchen makes it almost feel like Christmas.  Still it’s not Christmas, yet, but we’re here for the launch of Chloe-Jade Simmons single ‘Best Behaviour’.

With people bustling around we make our way upstairs and are welcomed by the entrancing sounds of Dr Robeatnik, a one-man band, who fuses loops, beats and riffs. Fascinating to watch as track after track comes something different, from the quick firing Flamenco tones to what sounds like reverberating breakbeats.

Dr Robeatnik’s warm-up couldn’t be more different to the band second on the bill, Long Strung Creatures. Adding a hint of blues to a rather folky line-up the Long Strung Creatures provided a sense of uplift and a lot of variety to the night.

It’s always a pleasure to catch David J Roch play live, unfortunately the levels of chatter from the crowd proved to be rather distracting from what could have been a spellbinding performance. Still Mr Roch didn’t give up as those that were paying attention were treated to a set filled with emotion with tracks such as the Devil Don’t Mind and Don’t Let go and then ending his set with a very uplifting hand clapping/foot stomping moment.

Having nipped to the bar in between acts, I have to admit I didn’t witness Chloe-Jade Simmons performance, but I did hear it. The room was packed with family, friends and onlookers as Chloe-Jade, dressed in a stunning green dress accessorised with her guitar, began with ‘Wanting To Be Found’ a poppy acoustic number. Throughout her set she is joined onstage by a variety of musicians who accompany her in a number of tracks. During ‘Best Behaviour’ Chloe-Jade is accompanied by her band, there’s an air of silence as people stand and listen to the gentleness and emotion in the track.

Such a delicate and captivating set from Miss Simmons, packed with folk and a hint of pop it filled a Friday evening full of delights. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Chloe-Jade Simmons, but it’s pretty safe to say that things do look rather rosy for 2014.

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