Chibuku Shake Shake: Warehouse Project

A complete tear-up from start to finish. This is my only visit to the sweaty arches under Piccadilly station for WHP 09, but I am pretty satisfied my late night out was one of the loudest, hardest electro nights in Manchester, if not the UK this year.

Local band The Whip were raw and beasty, completely at home amongst the DJ line up. With the doors closing early everyone was in and well up for it by the end of their set.

The music ratcheted up the atmosphere as the night went on – I thought I may have peaked when we spotted the über – nonchalant DJ Mehdi and Busy P checking out Breakbot. The photo evidence has them both looking bemused and me and Kurt looking a little too excited, rendering it unpublishable.

The crowd were there for the music and the music was definitely there for the crowd. At one point, the with the sweat running down the walls, the seminal lighting exploded on the faces around me; every single one smiling, frozen in time and sealing another layer of Manchester’s music history. This time round, we are the global kids of the city and the music comes to us not just from Salford, but from Paris, Vienna and Canada.

With a line up this fierce it would be hard to choose my favourite set. Tiga and SebastiAn topping this line up in Manchester on the same night made my electro dreams come true.

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