Cats:For:Peru: The Grapes Sheffield

Tonight’s gig is set to be great. The Letter are an inspiring opening act with their wah wah pedal infused sounds starting and ending on an energetic high. Their sound is as bold and confident as their attitude. The band benefits from having two front men whose different styles compliment each other. Whilst one has vocals that could be described as post-punk-Irish-folk, the other has a hard-hitting voice that differs entirely. The former performs the majority of the songs, including the outstanding ‘Don’t Forget to Smile’, which was captivating and toe tapping in equal measure. The latter continued to belt out the fun and bouncy, ‘Typewriter’.

Second on stage Leeds boys, Die Video Die burst on stage with even more explosive energy. Front man Graham Jones screeched indie vocals with endless enthusiasm on the hectic, ‘Lights Out’. We are Scientists and The Rapture mixed in a blender comes to mind. Jones continued to warm up the audience with a spot of banter aimed at the Cats: For: Peru members stood in the back. Creating ripples of giggles, he moves on to introduce the extremely catchy, ‘We Don’t Get Along No More’, admitting it to be ‘a disgusting pop song’. They close with the Christmas themed, ‘Did You Hear about Declan/Santa). Again a catchy indie song, but loses its edge when compared to explosive ‘Lights Out’.

All is calm as Cats: For: Peru reach the stage. Chilled out singles ‘The Bearded One’ and ‘Asleep in Monaco’ mesmerise and do well to showcase their new album, ‘Attack of the Pitching Machine’. ‘Monaco’ is a beautiful, ukulele enhanced ballad, although the atmosphere was disturbed by a rowdy group interrupting singer Adam Folletts flow. Cats: For: Peru proved they are not stuck in their ways with heavier, ‘Love in a Lift’ which with darker tones progresses into a strumming rocky middle. Stella Medforth adds a ghost-like quirkiness with synthesisers on ‘Manifesto’. In short, Cats: For: Peru deserve much praise for an intriguing and varied album. Let’s hope they get it.

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